One night stand

How to graduate from one night stand to boyfriend

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With an increasing number of women earning their own money these days, it is no longer uncommon for a girl to seek a man for a one night stand, someone for a one-off, no strings attached encounter. But what happens when Mr One Night Stand catches feelings and expects more from a purely physical arrangement?

Shaka catches feelings

After their hookup at the bar, Shaka fumbled on the other side of the bed, feeling for Thando. But he found nothing but cold, crumpled bed sheets on one side and two empty condom wrappers on the other – the only remaining sign of Thando’s presence in his bedroom. She had snuck out in the early hours without leaving a note or phone number. This is new territory for Shaka; it is he who does the serial user routine. Was he just a one night stand to her? But wait, what’s this on the floor? Thando Sebata had dropped her ID card. Not only is this a useful clue in tracking her down but it is certainly an improvement from women who leave behind their underwear and earrings. How do you track down someone who does not wish to be found? Easy, start from the beginning. And the starting point was The Blue Moon Lounge, where Shaka had met Thando and her sister Mpho.

When he showed her the ID photo, Blue Moon waitress Bontle recognized Shaka’s one night stand. Determined to find her, he dropped a wad of bank notes on the counter. Bontle promised to contact him when next Thando reappeared.

It wasn’t long before Shaka got a call. Thando was at the Blue Moon. He rushed over and found her talking to another man at the bar. But that’s never stopped Shaka before right? Placing himself between Thando and the new guy, he began to speak to her. Naturally the man felt disrespected. He tried to reclaim his territory and received a head-butt to the nose for his trouble. This is Shaka’s modus operandi; if you stand between him and the woman of his dreams, expect to catch plenty hands.


Shaka thought his violent outburst would impress Thando, but she sipped on her drink like he wasn’t even there. Realizing that he had made no impression on her, Shaka handed over the ID card and left. But had he given up on her?

Shaka gets stalkerish

Baby brother Kagiso chuckled as Shaka desperately sought to become more than just Thando’s one night stand. And when Shaka got a friend who works at a cellphone company to illegally obtain Thando’s phone number, the extent of his desperation was evident. When Shaka phoned her, he found Thando less than welcoming.

“Don’t call me, don’t show up to my dates, don’t even breathe around me!”

Tjo! Thando has a Masters degree in rudeness.

Never trust a jackal

After deadbeat dad, Jackal, spent the day chilling at his son’s place of business, Thato spotted a usable quality in him. Thato watched as Jackal kept the customers thoroughly entertained with his anecdotes. So Thato decided to hire Jackal in the capacity of a host, slash village idiot. You know, someone to keep the customers happy. But Jackal had too much to drink and fell asleep while entertaining old friends at the Corner House late at night. As Jackal snoozed, his friends emptied the cash register and trashed the place. I blame Thato; why would he trust anyone named Jackal!


Patronella opens filing cabinet for Thando

When Patronella first took up the housekeeping job at the Sebatas, she was met with extreme rudeness from the spoilt brat Mpho. Sis Pat, of course, brooks no insolence, so she gave Mpho a tongue lashing. Later, Patronella, in conversation with Hector, learned that Mpho was very close to her late mother and was still grieving; a possible explanation for her hostility towards Patronella.

Patronella approached Mpho, and this time she spoke in a kind, motherly voice. And out poured the tears from Mpho’s eyes. A new friendship had been formed.

Patronella was on a roll. She had already made friends with one daughter and the man of the house. She bonded with Thando over a bottle of champagne. When Thando confided in her about the violent young man she had met at the bar, Sis Pat’s curiosity was piqued. She was even more curious when Thando identified the man as Shaka Khoza. As Thando filled up Patronella’s champagne flute, she laid bare all the files she had on Shaka; from his womanising, to the breakup with ex wife Mmabatho. You would think that hearing all of Shaka’s sordid past would put off Thando. But human emotions don’t work that way.

An old enemy appears

Antoinette announced the arrival of a guest. When the guest entered, the Khozas held their collective breath. It was Noma, an old friend of the family who had defrauded them and run away with R10,000,000. After listening to Noma’s apology, Harriet forgave her and allowed her to stay at the Khoza mansion for as long as she wanted. But Brutus wasn’t so forgiving. He wanted his ten million back. Not only that, there seemed to be something else between Brutus and Noma, like she had left in the early morning and never called him again after a steamy one night stand.

Graduating from one night stand

It’s funny how, sometimes, you reach your goal just when you were ready to give up. It became crystal clear to Shaka that Thando wanted nothing to do with him. She had told in no uncertain terms that he must learn to “hit and move on.” In other words, sex does not have to lead to a long-term commitment. What happened between them was just a one night stand.

Shaka was drinking alone at The Blue Moon, drowning his sorrows at the very place where he had met the cruel Thando. She found him drunk as a sailor. In vino veritas – alcohol is a truth serum. Shaka offloaded, without holding back, all his inner feelings, including the loss of his sister Keabetswe. Thando began to see him in a different light. If you too have been friendzoned after a one night stand and you have stuck with me to the end of this article, therein lies your answer. To graduate from a one night stand, show her that you are deeper than a mere sexual encounter.

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