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How to Hide Your Friend List on Facebook

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When it comes to privacy, Facebook has introduced numerous features and settings owing to the recent privacy concerns raised by users. While there are many settings to secure your profile, photos and even status from unwanted views and access, Facebook provides exclusive features for hiding your friend list. Though it might seem unnecessary to hide one’s friend list, it is quite a reasonable decision. Here’s why.

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To Stop Your Ex from Stalking You

One of the main reasons behind keeping the friend list hidden is to stop your ex from knowing your current friend circle, whereabouts or even your current love interest. If you wish to keep your present social life completely out of reach of your ex, this is the most basic step to start with.

Keeping Your Professional and Personal Circle Separate

If you do not wish to let your co workers or friends in profession to blend into your personal space keeping the friend list hidden is a good idea. This way they will not have any access to your personal life since they will be completely unaware of your inner circle.

To Stop Others from Stalking Your Friends

Apart from personal benefit, you can hide your friend list from public view in order to stop a stranger from stalking your friends by extracting information about them.

So, in order to avoid these mishaps, you can easily hide the list by following some simple and easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

Step 2: Go to your profile page

Step 3: Click on the “Friends” page

Step 4: Now, click on the friend list page. On the top you will find an “Edit” button. On clicking it, you can manage who can view your friend list and who cannot. It is preferable to set the option to “Me” as it is the most secure and there is no chance of breach of security.

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