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How to pack for a glamping experience in the South African wilderness

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If you want to go camping and have some of the luxuries and comforts of home with you, glamping is a definite yes for you! Glamping is camping without having to rough anything out. You will be outdoors, you will have a camping experience, but you just won’t sleep in the dirt. We like it.

Now we know some of our travel snobs avoid camping because there are no proper ablutions or there’s no mirror to check yourself before taking the perfect selfies for Instagram. Glamping is the answer. It’s a perfect excuse to take your makeup kit with you neatly packed in one of these cute purses from the Clicks catalogue. You can even pack your favourite pj’s – the beds most of these glamping sites offer are comfortable – no chance of you ripping your pants on some stick because you failed to choose a good spot to sleep.

Since you will not need to pack a tent or sleeping bag, what will you need? Here’s our list.

1. Your basic toiletries

If you are going to the very luxurious glamps, they will provide you with towels, toilet paper, little soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. It’s much like a hotel room, only in a tent – in the South African wilderness. You will need to pack the toiletries you use every day, and if you’re not keen on the ones provided, then your soap and other basics. And of course, your make-up.

2. Sunscreen and insect repellent

You’ll be out in the wilderness, under the African sun. Sunscreen is an absolute must to protect your skin. The insect repellent is for mosquitoes and other bugs you will most certainly find there. The last thing you need on your glamping experience is an itchy bug bite to nurse.

3. Comfortable, durable shoes

If you intend on going hiking or nature walking, depending on the activities offered at the site, make sure you carry the appropriate shoes for the experience you will have. Uncomfortable shoes will certainly ruin the whole trip. Have the glamping site give you all the information you need about activities offered so you are prepared when you go there.

pack for a glamping experience
Photo By: Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

4. First Aid Kit

If there are any mild medical emergencies, your first aid kit will be readily available to deal with them. However, if it is a very serious accident, the glamping site will be able to assist you.

5. All-weather clothing

Be sure to carry a light jacket if it’s in summer, just in case temperatures drop, especially at night. In some places like Mpumalanga and KZN, it does rain a little in the summer, so make sure you have an umbrella too. Do not forget your hat and some sunglasses too. Make sure you’re covered for all eventualities, but also check the weather forecast for where you’re headed.

6. Phone/Camera Charger

The very luxurious glamping sites have electricity; therefore, you will be able to charge your phone or camera battery to ensure you capture all that you need to. If you take your laptop with you, make sure you have that charger too. If your glamping site is off-grid, be sure to carry your solar chargers for your devices. We don’t advise you to work during the holiday though, – soak in the surroundings and enjoy the break.

7. Snacks and reading materials

Some snacks for the drive there and back or for nibbling whilst you take a nature walk are always a great idea. Meals are provided at the very luxurious glamping sites, and they can cater to different dietary requirements. Carry reading materials as well to pass time if the physical activities are not for you.

Photo By: Lucija Ros on Unsplash

Glamping is an enhancement of traditional camping, and we’re all for it! Call it camping with a modern twist.

Image Courtesy: Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

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