How to Pay DStv in South Africa

How to Pay DStv in South Africa in 2022

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How to pay DStv account in South Africa? “How do I pay my DStv account?” is one of the most frequently asked questions in South Africa. There are many South Africans who don’t know other payment options to pay their DStv account in South Africa.

Paying your DStv account has been made very easy through the help of technology. You can now pay your own DStv subscription or help others pay their DStv subscription using various DStv payment methods. You just need to enter the correct details of the account you are paying for, verify the account and confirm that you are paying the correct account. DStv have multiple payment options you can use to pay or reconnect your DStv account, such as MyDStv App, Internet Banking, USSD, Debit Order or you can visit our Walk-in Centres or your nearest store to top-up. In this article, you will learn how to pay DStv account in South Africa in 2022.

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How to Pay DStv in South Africa

You have various payment options to pay your DStv account:

  1. Via Self Service.
  2. Via DStv mobile app (Available on Google Play and Apple App Store)
  3. Setting up a debit order.
  4. Internet payment.
  5. Credit card.
  6. ATM.
  7. Direct deposit.
  8. Supermarkets.
  9. At DStv Service Centres and Agencies
  10. MTN MoMo

Always use your DStv customer number as payment reference.

If your DStv services are suspended and you make an internet bank transfer or ATM payment via ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank or direct deposit at any ABSA branch, your DStv services will be reconnected once the payment reflects on your DStv account. For more information, visit

That’s how to pay DStv subscription in South Africa. Make sure you choose the correct payment method that you understand.

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