How to Pay DStv Using FNB App

How to Pay DStv Using FNB App in South Africa

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How do I pay DStv using FNB App? FNB (First National Bank) customers can make DStv payment online using their app. To pay your DStv subscription using the app, you must have an active FNB transactional account or FNB Debit or Credit Card. Also, you need to be registered for Online Banking, Cellphone Banking or have downloaded the latest version of the FNB App to make use of this service. In this article, you will learn how to pay DStv using FNB App.

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Requirements To Pay DStv Using FNB App In South Africa

The below are the things you need to pay your DStv account online in South Africa using the FNB App.

  • You need a mobile device (smartphone, tablet)
  • FNB Banking App
  • Your FNB Online Banking login details
  • DStv Smart card or IUC number

How to Pay DStv Using FNB App

Follow the below steps to pay your DStv via FNB App in South Africa:

  • Step 1: Login to the FNB App
  • Step 2: Select ‘Add Recipient/Bill’ under the ‘Payments’ tab, then select ‘Add Bill’.
  • Step 3: Add MultiChoice as a bill using either your Customer Number or Smartcard Number
  • Step 4: Your account will display under ‘My Bills’
  • Step 5: Select ‘Payments’ and thereafter select ‘My Bills’ then select ‘Pay’ next to the applicable
  • Step 6: MultiChoice Bill to be paid under ‘My Bills’
  • Step 7: Specify the amount and confirm
  • Step 8: Click on confirm to complete your DStv payment

That’s how you pay DStv via FNB App.

How long does the payment take to reflect? Payment of DStv subscription using FNB app in South Africa is instant.

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