How To Start Online Trading In South Africa?

How to start online trading in South Africa? What is online trading? Online trading is an act of buying and selling financial securities over the internet, usually through an online broker. Online trading South Africa is becoming more and more popular, however, trading online is often complicated especially for beginners. After reading this article, you will know more about online trading in South Africa, best online trading platforms, cheapest trading platforms South Africa and how to start online trading South Africa.

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Trading in South Africa

Table of Contents

  • How do I become a trader in South Africa?
  • What trading platform can I use in South Africa?
  • Which trading app is best in South Africa?
  • What is the best online trading platform in South Africa?
  • How can I start online trading for beginners?
  • Which app is best for investing in stocks in South Africa?
  • How do I trade stocks online in South Africa?
  • Which trading platform is best for beginners in South Africa?
  • How much do South African traders make?
  • How much do I need to start trading in south Africa?
  • Can I use Robinhood in South Africa?
  • Can South African use eToro?
  • Is online trading allowed in South Africa?
  • Which trading app is the best?

How Do I Become An Online Trader In South Africa?

To become an online trader in South Africa, you need a computer, tablet or smartphone, an internet connection, a stockbroker and an online trading platform. Learn the basics of online trading, learn about the different Currency Pairs. To practice online trading in South Africa, you need choose a broker and open your trading account and start trading on demo account. Learn different forex trading strategies, compare online trading platforms, find the best trading platform for Forex and understand the risks of trading online.

What Trading Platform Can I Use In South Africa? Capital is the Cheapest Online Trading Platform South Africa. According to research in South Africa, Capital is Online Trading Platform South Africa’s best and cheapest trading platform is best and cheapest. The web trading platform is user-friendly and has a great design. This is considered to be one of the best online trading platforms in South Africa. According to, offers shares trading and CFDs across a variety of popular asset classes that include over 5,000 shares and more than 6,000 assets, as well as 23 indices, 138 forex CFDs, 477 crypto CFDs, 29 commodities, and nearly a dozen thematic indexes.

Which Trading App Is Best In South Africa? is the best online trading app in South Africa. is the  #1-rated trading platform in South Africa. is also one of the cheapest online trading apps in South Africa. Other best online trading apps include Cyber-FX, IG, AvaTrade, CM Trading, Standard Online Share Trading/Stockbroking, FXCM, HotForex and Forex Time in South Africa.

What Is The Best Online Trading Platform In South Africa?

  • Plus 500 – One of the best Online Trading Platforms in South Africa. Plus500 platform is an easy to use trading platform with a well-designed mobile platform.
  • – Overall Best and Cheapest Online Trading Platform South Africa
  • AvaTrade – AvaTrade is the best trading platform in South Africa when it comes to CFDs on Forex, Bitcoin, Stock, Litecoin, commodities and indices. AvaTrade is a trusted South African trading platform with MT4/5.
  • Forex Time – This is regarded as one of the top foreign exchange trading platform available in South Africa. A low-cost trading app with zero spreads.

How Can I Start Online Trading For Beginners?

  1. Find a broker: Before you can start trading online in South Africa, you need to sign up for an account with an FSCA licensed broker. You can find a list of regulated stock brokers in South Africa and create an account.
  2. Open a demo account: For beginners, you are advised to open a practice account, also known as demo account. Trade forex with virtual money and learn how to place orders and know how to place a stop loss and take profit levels. A demo account will help you get familiar with the forex market, broker and the trading platform they use. When you feel comfortable, you can begin trading forex in South Africa with real money.
  3. Open a live account: Once you are comfortable with your trading skills, you can now open a real money account. All legal and registered Forex brokers will require some form of FICA from you. They will also require your proof of your address and a copy of your ID. The broker’s compliance department will verify your identity and the admin process takes a few hours to a few days to complete. Once your account is verified and active, you may log into your trading account. The next step is to deposit money into your trading account.
  4. Fund your account: Before you fund your account, make sure you link your bank account with your trading account. You can make a local EFT into their bank account. You can also fund your account with PayPal, Skrill, or some of the other online payment processors. After funding clears and the broker receives your funds, you may begin trading online in South Africa.
  5. Download a trading platform: Many Forex brokers in South Africa have proprietary trading platforms. Make sure you download the best online trading platform South Africa so that you can make your investments into the Forex market.
  6. Start trading: Now your trading account is set. You can start online trading in South Africa.

Which App Is Best For Investing In Stocks In South Africa?

There are many best online trading apps available in South Africa. Here are some of the best apps for investing in stocks in South Africa. These are some of the most popular stock brokers in South Africa. Here’s a list:

  • XM – Best Overall Stock Trading App In South Africa.
  • Libertex – the Best Stock App for South African residents who Invest in Stocks.
  • eToro – Best App For Stock Copy Trading in South Africa
  • FXTM – Best App For Online Stock Trading in South Africa.
  • IC Markets – Best Stock Trading App With Lowest Spreads.

How Do I Trade Stocks Online In South Africa?

  1. Open a trading account
  2. Define your own investment goals
  3. Decide on how much money you have to invest
  4. Educate yourself
  5. Define how you want to invest
  6. Find a broker
  7. Start trading stocks online in South Africa via an online broker

Which Trading Platform Is Best For Beginners In South Africa?

  • AvaTrade – One of the Most Popular International Trading Platforms.
  • eToro – Best Copy Trading Platform South Africa.
  • Tickmill – Best Web Trading Platform.
  • HotForex – Most Trusted Best Trading Platform for Beginners.
  • FXCM – Overall and Cheapest Trading Platform for Beginners.
  • XM – one of the Most Popular Online Trading Platforms and is very easy to follow.

How Much Do South African Traders Make?

According to, the average trader salary in South Africa is R600 000 per year or R308 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R420 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R4 800 000 per year. The average person in South Africa makes $50 per day as a trader.

How Much Do I Need To Start Trading In South Africa?

How much do I need to start trading Forex in South Africa? You can start trading with at least R500. This will be enough to open a trading account with brokers like XM, however, many Forex brokers in South Africa require at least a minimum deposit of between 250 USD and 500 USD. A minimum 250 USD deposit is advised since your trading account balance will determine how much leverage you can use.

Can I Use Robinhood In South Africa?

No, you can’t access Robinhood in South Africa. Robinhood has commission-free investing, and tools to help shape your financial future. According to, with free trades and no account minimums, Robinhood is easy to suggest as the best brokerage for novice investors – as long as these investors are willing to find educational resources and research tools elsewhere.

Can South African Use eToro?

In South Africa, eToro is now available to South African residents following a short suspension. South African traders are onboarded through eToro’s FCA-regulated entity, which restricts Forex leverage to 30:1 and does not allow trading on cryptocurrencies.

Is Online Trading Allowed In South Africa?

Yes, traders living in South Africa may legally trade the foreign exchange market through FSCA regulated Forex brokers who offer derivative instruments. So South African traders can legally trade and invest in FX, Stocks, ETFs, Derivatives, CFDs and many more instruments. Each instrument has different features and is ideal for different traders.

As for your broker, you need to make sure that it is regulated by the FSCA, ASF or FCA or other reputable European authority.

Which Trading App Is The Best?

  • Wealthfront – Best Automated Investing App.
  • TD Ameritrade – Best Self-Directed Trading App.
  • TD Ameritrade – Best Trading App for Beginners.
  • Interactive Brokers – Best App for Active Traders.
  • tastyworks – Best Trading App for Options Traders.

How to Make Money from Online Trading in South Africa?

Once you have trained and have enough experience to practice stock trading, you are probably wondering now how to make money.

It should be noted that in trading, profit and loss are the order of the day. To maximize profits and minimize losses, here are five tips to keep in mind:

  1. Take a trading course or training (unanimous opinion),
  2. Create and adhere to a trading plan,
  3. Manage your risks well,
  4. Set the right goals,
  5. Watch your goals closely.

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