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How to watch eNCA News Channel Online

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eNCA is a 24-hour television news channel owned by e.tv, focusing on South African and African stories. eNews Channel Africa, eNCA, also covers international stories, sports, weather and lifestyle issues. eNCA’s headquarters are in South Africa. The broadcaster became South Africa’s first and most watched 24-hour news service when it launched in June 2008. The channel is currently available on DStv channel 403. You can also watch eNCA news live on your mobile device or computer.

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eNCA HD Studio

Popular 24-hour news channel eNCA (DStv 403) launched an innovative high-tech HD studio that boasts a massive 12 x 3 meter curved LED video wall. The eNCA’s multi-purpose studio video wall is the biggest in-studio screen on the African continent. It makes sure that the eNCA viewers receive voice, text, videos and pictures at an enhanced sensory level.

eNCA HD Studio
eNCA HD Studio / image: dstv.co.za

The eNCA live in-studio action is captured by six HD cameras, five of which are on robotics and the sixth on a jib.

The eNCA HD Studio is exceptional and provides a sharp and refreshing feel to all eNCA’s programs. The semi-circular set shape allows for an increase in camera angles compared to the previous U-shaped set design.

How to Watch eNCA News Live Stream

Want to watch eNCA News live stream? There are many ways to watch eNCA online. You will discover interesting eNCA videos and watch eNCA live streams from all over the world!

You can watch eNCA news live from on the DStv Now if you are a DStv subscriber. With the DStv Now, you can watch the live channel news or use the DStv Now app on your mobile device.

eNCA.com Online

In 2013, the eNCA brand launched eNCA.com, the extension of the brand to allow viewers to access the news online on the internet on any device. In September eNCA.com elapsed the milestone of half-a-million unique visitors, with 538,000 total unique visitors and 395,000 local unique visitors. As of February 2017 the unique visitors for eNCA.com was 2.4 million, 2 million of that total was local.

eNCA News App

You can also watch latest news on the eNCA mobile app. The eNCA news app features up-to-the-minute alerts, videos, photo galleries and in-depth analysis. To stream news live, use the “News Stream” feature to watch breaking news and videos for exclusive online content. You can also use the app to catch up on anything you may have missed on eNCA TV.

eNCA YouTube

Alternatively, you can watch eNCA latest news and videos on their YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/enewschannel/)

Image Courtesy: cobiinteractive.com

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