Identity Verification Failed SASSA

What Does Identity Verification Failed SASSA Mean?

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Identity Verification failed SASSA meaning has been explained by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). If you have applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grant, SASSA will will cross check your application and if you check your SASSA status and receive “Identity Verification Failed” SRD Status, you may be wondering what it means. Here’s what ID Verification Failed SASSA means.

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Identity Verification Failed SASSA Meaning

Should your R350 SASSA Social relief of distress grant status be “Identity Verification Failed SASSA”, it means that during the process of verifying the details you gave SASSA when applying to the SASSA SRD grant, SASSA found that your details did not match with the Department of Home Affairs data.

Before SASSA approves Covid-19 SRD grant applications, the applicant’s details are verified with the Department of Home Affairs. They check the applicant’s name, surname and ID number from the Department of Home Affairs.

One of the reasons why your SRD grant application was rejected could be because the “Identity Verification Failed’ SASSA.

If you had your R350 Grant application declined, you may appeal by going to the website at and follow the links for reconsideration. If you do not appeal, the declined application will not be reconsidered. The appeal needs to be lodged within 30 days of when they received a rejection status due to Identity Verification Failed SASSA.

How To Appeal For SRD Grant

  1. Go to the SRD Grant website
  2. Scroll down to ‘Application for reconsideration’
  3. Click on the yellow bar
  4. Fill in the required fields

It’s also important to remember that a SASSA R350 grant appeal must be lodged for every month that the grant is declined.

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