Isibaya actress Thembi Nyandeni

Isibaya actress Thembi Nyandeni is angry after sex tape mix up

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Isibaya actress Thembi Nyandeni is furious after reportedly being mistaken for the woman in a recent sex tape that has been doing the rounds.

According to Daily Sun, the explicit oral sex tape shocked Mzansi. Rumour said the female was Thembi “Mkabayi” Nyandeni. However, Nyanden said it’s not her.

This is after a 58-second sex video spread across the land last week. It shows a mature woman giving oral pleasure to an unidentified man, and was seen by the SunTeam.

Some rumour spreaders have mistaken the gobbling gogo for Thembi, who plays Mkabayi on Mzansi Magic soapie, Isibaya. And the outraged soap star erupted like a volcano! She blasted and lambasted those who were trying to belittle her.

Over a red-hot telephone conversation with Sunday Sun, gogo Thembi said she was too old for that kind of rubbish.

Asked if she’d seen the video, Thembi Nyandeni said: “Yes! And it was disgusting! I’m 63 years old and cannot be doing such distasteful sex scenes. Somebody is out to destroy me!”

She told the SunTeam she’s not even in a relationship with anyone. Then, gogo Thembi said: “If you could help me get the person who did this, then I would open a case!” The offended gogo went on: “I have morals. I have rules and regulations that I live by on a daily basis. “I don’t play games with my body. Even on set, I don’t do intimate scenes where I’d have to kiss a man,” she said.

The fuming star added: “I have kids who look up to me. I always practise what I preach. I always give advice to young people not to go sleeping around.

“I worked very hard over the years to build my reputation. The person who did this is sick. Some people are so bored, they use the power of technology to harm other people’s image.

“I’m not even on social media,” said Thembi Nyandeni, then pointed out that the greedy gogo in the video had long hair.

“My hair is not even that long. I always keep short hair. That body cannot be mine. The person in that video is also wearing rings, which is a thing I don’t do,” she said.

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