Rags to riches tale as Isizulu artist MeluNice releases single addressing the darker side of the heart

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Isizulu artist, MeluNice, has just released his single Umshelelani, which addresses the darker side of matters of the heart.

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Isizulu (his native language) artist, MeluNice (37), recently released his latest single, Umshelelani, which addresses the darker side of matters of the heart.

As he explains: “It’s based on general life experiences. It’s about why you would be with someone if you don’t love them. And that it’s definitely better to be alone than to be in a loveless relationship.”

Describing his music style as Afro Pop, MeluNice now lives in Centurion West with his wife and two children. Originally born in Soweto (6 May 1982), he lived there for a couple of years before moving to KwaMaphumulo in KwaZulu-Natal with his parents at age six. After school, he moved to Johannesburg where he worked as a street vendor for a while, until he was appointed in an internship programme within the IT industry where he worked for more than 10 years.

He says: “I’ve always been singing, starting off at church and at school. At this point I just want people to experience my art and see how they respond to it. I still also work in the IT industry, but for myself as an entrepreneur.”

MeluNice describes himself as a family man, hard working, humble, friendly and someone who likes to try new things.

“I haven’t really discovered the true secret to success, but my philosophy in life is to definitely never loose hope,” he adds.

He concludes by saying that he hopes his music will convey a message of “love, compassion, kindness and to always keep trying”.

Umshelelani can be enjoyed on YouTube below:

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