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“I’ve learnt to be the man I wanted to marry”- Simphiwe Ngema

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Actress Simphiwe Ngema has always opened up about picking up the pieces after losing her husband Dumi Masilela. Dumi died in August 2017 after being shot in a botched hijacking in Tembisa. 

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Taking to social media, Simz Ngema shared a heartfelt message on moving on without her husband Dumi Masilela. She explained how she’s had to learn to become independent and take care of herself the way her husband used to.

“I’ve learnt to be the man I wanted to marry. Sad but true. I had to learn to see myself through his eyes, love myself as much as he loved me, be independent and take care of myself the way he would take care of me. It’s been a tough journey but I’m finally here. What now???” – Simphiwe Ngema wrote on Instagram

“Buya 😭💔 I don’t want to hear “you are strong” “it’s gonna be okay” “God will heal you” or anything, not today, I just want my husband, Qha!!! Dumisani, buya! (sic)” – she wrote in another Instagram post.

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