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Comedian Jason Goliath Gets Ready to tie the Knot

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After years of searching, comedian Jason Goliath has found love, is getting ready to get married at 37 and plans to turn his love story into a one-man show.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE recently, Jason said he was in “an amazing space” at the moment and very comfortable in his craft.

“Being in a relationship has changed a lot of what I do and the way I see the world. Every moment shows me new moments that are funny, that I can even possibly use as content. In my shows I joke about me and my missus getting serious to the point that whenever I bend over to tie my shoelaces, she opens Facebook and prepares to send the ‘he asked and I said yes’ post she has saved,” Jason said, with a soft chuckle.

In fact, Jason’s love life is a major topic in the star’s upcoming debut comedy special, The Live Series with Jason Goliath.

“80% of my set is about my relationship. It is about getting into a relationship, staying in a relationship and even tips on how to leave a relationship. It comes from a very personal space,” he added.

The comedy special was six years in the making and Jason said he can’t wait for audiences to see the show when he takes to the stage at the Lyric Theatre in Gold Reef City on 18 and 19 August.

“I got great advice when I started my career. I was told that for the first year, stick to the same set and that will make you familiar with your content so that you can work on delivery. It’s one less stress until you build a brand. So, I have gone from that space to one where I am comfortable with my content and career and now I am finally confident to do a one-man show,” he added.

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