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Jeanique Releases Tender New Single ‘Forevermore’

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Last month, 14-year-old songstress, actress and dancer, Jeanique, made her mark on the local pop space with the release of her debut single ‘Pyramid’. Now, the star shows off a softer side to her as she releases another new track titled ‘Forevermore’.

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‘Forevermore’ is an alternative pop ballad which showcases a whole new side to the 14-year-old prodigy. The star showcases her emotional side with her raw approach to songwriting while showing off her vocal range effortlessly. Jeanique, once again, teamed up with Daniel Baron on both the songwriting and production element of the track.

While Jeanique shows off a different side of her vocally, she also expands on her musical talent on the track. The star plays the ukulele on the song which keeps the song ironically playful and emotional at the same time.

“This song means a lot to me,” Jeanique says of ‘Forevermore’. “I feel most people can relate to the emotion behind this song and quickly form a connection to the idea of love and forming a relationship with someone. The song is a force. It’s a love song that explores the idea that we need to stop hiding how we feel about a particular someone because our feelings deserve to be out there in the world and be noticed.”

Over the past few years, Jeanique has brought her passion for both music and dance to life as her appetite for entertaining grows. She attends Stageworx Performing Arts School on a full-time basis, has been part of various dance crews, been part of the popular ‘Born To Perform’, ‘Night With The Stars’ and Jonathan Roxmouth’s ‘The Musicals’ stage productions and released her debut single ‘Stand A Chance’ last year.

With ‘Pyramid’ making an impact on radio stations around the country and ‘Forevermore’ appearing on playlists like Apple Music’s ‘New Music Daily’, Jeanique is set for superstardom.

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