Khanyo Mbau Marie Claire Naked Issue

Khanyi Mbau and other SA celebrities strip down

South African actress, television host and artist Khanyi Mbau broke the internet after she recently posted a nude photo of herself on social media.

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The nude photo is from the Marie Claire Naked Issue’s #DearBody campaign, which features Khanyi Mbau and other local artists including Zodwa Wabantu, Thickleeyonce, Nina Hastie, Lalla Hirayama and Tumi Morake.

According to Marie Claire, the campaign aims to promote body positivity. In the New Naked, they celebrate women as the authors of their own stories. They also celebrate the right of women to make their own decisions about their bodies, which has not always been the case.

“Nakedness is about finding power in vulnerability, transparency and truth,” – Marie Claire stated on their official website. 

“Zodwa Wabantu is synonymous with what it means to unapologetically take ownership of your body. In the New Naked, she bares her soul too.” – Marie Claire said.

While the #DearBody campaign aims to promote body positivity, Mbau received mixed reactions from Twitter after she shared her photo.

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"This year I was a part of Marie Claire's New Naked campaign, and I wrote a letter to my body. As women we are continuously critiquing ourselves… it’s difficult these days to be happy with what you have. This was definitely one of the scariest most empowering experiences of my life. This therapeutic process made me realize that there is so much to be grateful for when it comes to my body and that my journey with my body is a lifelong one which has taught me so much about being a woman and being proud and making positive and healthy changes if I want to. I am grateful for this campaign and what it has taught me about living BOLDLY and I hope that my bravery and that of the other women will make you take time to reflect on your relationship with your body." – inspiring words from @mosalakaem, who is featured in the New Naked campaign, on shelves today. #DearBody and the New Naked are brought to you in partnership with @americanswissza. Photographs @xx_niquita_xx #bodypositivity #bodyacceptance #selflove #allbodiesarebeautiful

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