Khuli Chana’s #MONEY a trending topic this morning

Multiple award winning, South African artist, Khuli Chana (“The MotswakOriginator”), dropped his new single #MONEY as a FREE download this morning on social media which started trending at 7am and is still currently a trending topic in SA.

Download Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single here:


Stream or download Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single here

Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single debuted on YFM last week and is his official radio and video single for the upcoming festive season.

#MONEY was inspired by Khuli Chana’s favourite episode of the Martin Lawrence series as a teenager, where in the episode Martin Lawrence owed someone money and when asked for it his response was: “I got your money but I ain’t giving it to ya!” This line now forms the hook in Khuli Chana’s #MONEY track which goes: “I GOT SOME MONEY, BUT AIN’T GIVING IT TO YA!”

Khuli Chana’s playful and humorous side

Not many people know of Khuli Chana’s playful and humorous side, and with all the tension, and acrimony in the hip hop game currently, Khuli Chana felt that is was a good time to lighten the prevailing atmosphere by showing people this side of him. In so doing it is his hope that he injects some much needed fun to the hip hop game especially as we enter the festive season!

On why he decided to put out a single titled #MONEY now, Khuli Chana shares: “I’ve made money, I’ve lost money, I’ve been scammed, I’ve learnt that money can mess up relationships. At this point in my life, I felt I wanted to make lemonade out of lemon, and what better way than to do it by bringing it back to the music.”

NoLie Single

Khuli Chana’s #MONEY single follows his highly successful #NoLie single, which is currently playlisted in over 13 countries and charting in in over 11 countries across the continent. It has enjoyed no 1’s in SA, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and the UK to name a few. Watch Khuli Chana’s #NoLie ft Patoranking music video here:

Join the #MONEY conversation online with Khuli Chana. Share you stories and memes and sentiments on his track online. Don’t forget the hashtag: #MONEY



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