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Lady Zamar slams Idols ‘lip sync’ claims

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Hitmaking singer Lady Zamar has come out to set the record on the comments from some critics on her Idols SA performance recently. Some people accused the singer of not singing live but instead lip-synced during the performance.

“I am aware that some people thought that I was lip-synching but I did not. I was not lip-synching and anyone who thinks I was didn’t pay enough attention to the performance. It was me singing and not a recording,” Lady Zamar said to TshisaLive.

Lady Zamar’s performance raised eyebrows as some people said it sounded too much like the recorded version, therefore they figured she was miming.

“I have never had my voice manipulated. Not on stage and not in studio. I always ask for it to be a clean recording in studio. So when I perform, it sounds as close to the original recording as possible,” she said.

Lady Zamar whose debut album King Zamar has been doing great said that she is enjoying how her music has blown up and is humbled by the support. And to what inspires all her songs? The star says its because she is a thinker.

“I am a thinker. I’m often told by my family that I get lost in my thoughts all the time. I look at everything and anything and get inspired. I could see a car accident on the highway and I’d think about the family who’s just lost someone or I look at nature and am inspired by it. I love, love and writing about it because we live in such a terrible world, i just want to do what i can to make it better somehow,” she tells DRUM.

Source: TshisaLIVE

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