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Learn how to trade Forex at Mbombela seminar

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There are few genuine, legit opportunities that allow one to earn an additional income on your own terms. Earning a passive or additional income has become crucial as the South African economy becomes increasingly unstable.

For this reason, Forex trading has become a popular way for some South Africans to secure an additional income. Learn how to trade Forex by joining the upcoming Forex Trading Seminar in Mbombela, hosted by Bitmart.

What is Forex?

Forex trading entails buying and/or selling trading pairs aka currencies with the aim of making a profit. It is an extremely active market and trading volume exceeds $5 trillion on a daily basis. The Forex market is known to be diverse as it features a wide variety of trading pairs.

Foreign currency exchange rates remain rather stable throughout the year and is unlikely to fluctuate heavily in a matter of seconds. The market has a large liquidity and thanks to the wide variety of trading pairs, has extensive leverage.

Forex trading does not promise exorbitant profits in a short period but rather focuses on small and consistent profits. One should be wary of brokers who guarantee large profits over a short period. The space is mainly controlled by investment banks and proprietary firms and traders that form part of the centralised industry.

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Why trade Forex?

Forex trading is ideal for those who want to earn an additional income in their spare time. It does not require one to participate in any form of telemarketing or fill in surveys or sell goods online.

Earn that much-needed income in a safe space. There are risks involved in the industry, but thanks to the good risk management techniques you will learn in the Bitmart Forex Seminar, you will be able to safely navigate the Forex market.

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Join the Forex Trading Seminar

The upcoming Forex Trading Seminar will teach you to take control of your wealth by thinking like a Forex trader. The seminar will be hosted by Bitmart’s senior trade analyst, Rudner de Witt, who has been involved with Forex for numerous years.

Learn the ins and outs of Forex trading such as indicator explanations, how to read signals, how to set a stop loss and take profits, buy and sell limits, trading time zones and how to trade with the MetaTrader4 software. There is no need to travel to Johannesburg for example, to learn this valuable skill.

Join us at the Bitmart office in Mbombela on July 6 or July 13. The advantage of participating in the course in your hometown is that you can enjoy continued support from a team which has a genuine interest in beautiful Mbombela and its people.

Accountability and credibility are key when it comes to Forex. Bitmart is also evolving and adapting – visit the new online shop at Bitmart has been actively involved in the community in terms of cryptocurrency related products since 2015 and recently Forex services.

We are proud of a long list of happy customers who have become part of the Bitmart family. Check out the online store for outstanding deals on ASIC miners, speakers, cameras, solar panels, UPS systems, bags, GPU rigs, gadgets, smartphones and more. For more information on the Forex Trading Seminar, visit the website above or call 0870953431.


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