Lection Ale duma E music video HHP

Lection releases ”Ale duma E” music video featuring HHP and Fifi Cooper

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Hip Hop star, Lection whose real name is Thebe Jairus Solomon Lekhonkhobe releases ”Ale duma E” music video celebrating HHP and on the last music video he shot.

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The video features a compilation of various South African Stars chanting “Ale Duma E” which is derived from “Ali Bumaye” which means ‘kill him Ali’ at the beginning of the video.

“It’s a bittersweet situation because Jabba was looking forward to the release of the video and just how the masses will react to it. That’s all he spoke about and now he won’t get the chance to witness the seed planted by him” states the rapper.

Just a couple of days ago, Lection took to Instagram, saying: “The hardest part about this process is that I keep hearing his voice over and over again in my head, all the conversations we’ve had. As I’m typing this post tears are rolling down my cheeks so bare with me if the grammar is not to your satisfaction. The last gig we did together which was about 3weeks ago he unzipped his sweater to show me that he was wearing my lection t-shirt (sic).”

Lection’s single is currently receiving good support on radio stations across the country.

Watch video here: 

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/iamlection

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