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List Of Best Forex Trading Apps in South Africa

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When it comes to Forex Trading, South Africa is one of the most active countries that buy and sell currencies online. Currency trading, foreign exchange trading or FX trading, requires traders to have the best forex trading apps or desktop platforms to trade.

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According to research from Ava Trade, which is one of the most popular FX brokers in South Africa, foreign exchange trading is the world’s most traded market with a daily trading volume of $5.3 trillion USD. This financial market is often dominated by large corporations and financial institutions such as FNB (First National Bank), which operate around the clock to trade and convert currencies such as USD/ZAR. United States Dollar to South Africa Rand.

Active traders often prefer to have access to FX quotes, market news and charts 24 hours a day. Through the help of smartphones, traders can now download forex apps for iOS & Android phones.

Almost all forex brokers in South Africa offer mobile trading apps and some of the individual broker applications are extremely popular that a trader who doesn’t have an account with the broker still uses its Forex apps. Some of the popular and best forex trading apps provide free access to market news, charts and price quotes. Let’s have a look at some of the best Forex Trading apps for iOS & Android below:

Top Forex Trading Apps for iOS & Android

  • The Trading Game – For Practice & Experience (available on both Android and iOS devices)
  • eToro – For Social Trading (available on both Android and iOS devices)
  • Go Forex – For Learning The Basics (available on both Android and iOS devices)
  • Bloomberg – For Financial News (available on both Android and iOS devices)
  • The Forex Hours – For Trading Alerts (available on both Android and iOS devices)

Besides the above mentioned FX trading apps, there are also some of the popular trading software which can be accessed through Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. These mobile apps make trading easier. For example, if South African companies want to import goods from European countries such as France, they will most likely to make transactions in Euros. Through FX, these companies will exchange South African Rand (ZAR) for Euros easily and fast through the app. Below are some of the top forex apps that you might be familiar with:

List Of Top Apps for Forex Trades in South Africa

  • Netdania – Currency trading app easy to use
  • Forex Time FXTM – Nifty automated forex trading solution
  • Trade Interceptor – Good for forex analysis
  • TD Ameritrade – Good for beginners
  • MetaTrader – Retail trading app

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