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Lolo Vandal Releases First Music Video “Ndipholile” Taken from Ezimaxhakaxhaka Album

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South African rapper Lolo Vandal, has released his first music video “Ndipholile” taken from Ezimaxhakaxhaka album.

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The Ezimaxhakaxhaka is a full studio album by the Xhosa rapper Lolo Vandal, following the release of uMhlantla WeNdlovu and Igqange Lomlilo. After these two Ep’s which dropped early this year, Lolo was overwhelmed by the support he received and decided to give his people an album.

This album is made up of 13 songs which all tell different stories, they all have one thing in common; they are all classics, hit songs and based on reality and dreams at the same time.

EzimaXhakaXhaka Album Tracklist


1. Ndipholile

A club banger where we find Lolo Vandal flexing his muscles and letting his alter ego take the lead. Not in a bad way, he gives hope to those who need to be reminded that we all going to get everything we praying for. We hear him chanting “ Makhe ndithi chuu ndileqise apha ebhankini ngoba ndipeyile” with a high note, which represents happiness. When listening to this song you will picture yourself rolling like a superstar. The flow is out of this world.

Watch Ndipholile Music Video below

2. Ikhadi Elimnyama

Another amazing song, all I can say this song is that one song you will wish to wake up to each an everyday. Energy on point, everything is well balanced from the hook to the first verse and moving to the second verse we see Xhosa rapper giving us that feeling of owning the black card. After listening to this one you will enjoy and believe owning a black card should be on your to do list. He also shares the experience had by the people around him while he have this in his hand.

3. Uyandazi

Every rapper believes that fame really does play a role in shaping ones career. This jam will make you want to wake up famous or work on being famous for what you believe is great for you to be known for. Lolo Vandal is indeed a well-known individual who is humble at the same time; here he does give you the right to understand that being known and followed by many comes with responsibilities.

4. Lomculo

Lolo Vandal is more of a rapper than a singer; here you can say he outdid himself. He sings and raps too, which is something he does now and then. This song is an anthem, a happy sing that praises the power of music. Obviously speaking from experience Xhosa rapper takes you to that beautiful journey where he owns the ups and downs of being a musician.

5. Unjengele

Being a general in what you do will forever be an amazing reward, many are accepted and few are chosen. This song is a flex and a chant designed for Generals, a song that praises reputation and good deeds.

6. Ngubani Owayesazi

Every-time something great happens you ask yourself questions and ask God if is this the life the most high designed for you, before even getting the answers you find yourself telling the world how wonderful and amazing life can be. Then from sharing that experience the next thing you hear “heeey you have a song”. No one knew that today we will be where we are; I strongly believe most of us prayed for this moment. Ngubani Owayesazi is an amazing song, which is well balanced and designed to cheer you up during tough times.

7. Gcwala

We do not support diss-songs hence we decide to give you songs that will boost your ego instead of crushing it. Gcwala is a stamp that certifies Lolo Vandal’s presence in the music industry. When you are designed to go big you celebrate all the small achievements as they give you the strength to continue believing that you will reach your goals and bring your dreams to life.

8. Sikhusele Nkosi

We put God in everything we do; this song is more of a soldier’s prayer/ cry song. Knowing that you are surrounded by enemies and still have guts to sleep peacefully without fearing their attack is a prayer on its own. Enjoy the rappers flows and the switch from rapping to singing.

9. uMongameli

Ramaposa should feel blessed and lucky to have people, who wish to be in his position one day. UMongameli is a happy song; Lolo Vandal tells a few jokes as things he would love do for the nation once he becomes a president. This is no serious song.

10. Biza uMamekhaya

Have you ever been in-love with someone? This is a song where Lolo Vandal celebrates his fantasies and things he see himself owning and doing with his other half.

11. Bawile

When you put Lolo Vandal and Zayon in one song expect nothing but a art. This is your so-called tavern music. A taste of the pianos vibe with a bit of spicy rap in it.

12. Nqanda

This was meant to be a skit and turned to a beautiful song.If you are a party animal this is for you. We will hear from you if you choose to Nqanda or not

13. 2021

This song is just a “hi” the actual song is actually on the way.

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