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Lolo Vandal Releases “One Day” A Beautiful Single

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Singer Lolo Vandal releases a song aimed at building faith in those who live with hope. As we all know that this musician has been making music for years, it seems he has no intention of quitting.

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Last year the singer gave us two albums along with two EPs, this year Lolo Vandal promises us another album. That came after he released the song One Day on 03 March 2022. The singer testified that the song was taken from the album on which the musician is currently working on.

In the song, Lolo worked with his daughter, he told us that he was working in the studio when his daughter came and interrupted him trying to play with the singer’s phone, trying to make her forget about the phone and the singer sang to the baby.

Lolo Vandal One Day

It was then that he realized that this was a proper song because it sounded like an anthem, he then decided to record and fix it. This song sounds like a song that will strengthen the dreamer living in a country that needs strength. Lolo testifies that he feels mature and able to make uplifting music.

After releasing the song, Lolo Vandal did not stop and released a snippet of another song, which he said would be released on March 21, 2022. The singer says that he is doing this to increase the momentum of waiting for the album. It seems that the singer is looking to grow his knowledge in the production sector.

One Day is an acceptable song and is also a child friendly and uplifting song that gives hope to those who see a bleak future. This song is available on the music stores, we hope and believe you will enjoy it.

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