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Lolo Vandal returns on radio as presenter for The Daily Spill

After 5 years Lolo Vandal is back on radio as an on-air presenter for The Daily Spill – Talk Show. In 2013 the rapper hosted a hip hop show in one of the community radio stations “Forte fm” in Eastern Cape. After the success of his journey as an on-air presenter and content producer, the rapper kept on submitting proposals in different radio stations.

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Earlier this year Lolo Vandal and his business partner Siyanda Dweba came up with the concept of a talk show tittled ‘The Daily Spill’. The shows focus is on youth development, social responsibilities, to name a few.

One of the most influential and global online radio stations with a rich history in the media industry believed in the concept of “The Daily Spill – Talk Show” and gave it an opportunity to see this concept come to life. The show will make its on-air debut on the 24th of December 2018 on “the 1873 fm”. Streaming link ,the App is also available on Google play and iTunes, search for ” the 1873 fm” and download the app.

It doesn’t end there, the two Eastern Cape born creatives came into an agreement to take AFRICAN ELEPHANT (a company founded by Lolo Vandal) to another level. Siyanda and Lolo founded AFRICAN ELEPHANT ENTERTAINMENT also known as AEE, a branch of AFRICAN ELEPHANT INC, the home of LOLO Vandal and other artists which will be introduced to the masses at a later stage of 2019.

They had one of the most talented producers Sivenathi Menze on board as an in-house producer of the production company, this partnership between the three resulted to the success of INDLELA MIXTAPE by Lolo Vandal, and the two latest hit singles KILLING IT and YIYEKE which were released on the fourth quarter of the current year under the AEE umbrella, ending 2018 on a highnote.

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The three are currently working on future projects for the company and the artists under AEE, and they are looking to grow the AEE family.

With big dreams and passion Lolo Vandal and Siyanda Dweba expanded AFRICAN ELEPHANT and came up with a magazine “AEM” short for African Elephant Magazine, the magazines focus is on documenting Africa; African ideals, African culture and daily living, to motivate and showcase the beauty of Africans worldwide, and the impact Africa has on the world. On their interview at Cliff Central the two didn’t say much about the magazine but they mentioned the Magazine will be launched early 2019 and more details about the magazine will be shared on their social platforms.

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