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Former Mr India South Africa Dr Tevin Naidu removed from The Bachelor South Africa

M-Net has stated that Dr Tevin Naidu has been removed from his capacity in marketing of The Bachelor South Africa after his offensive comments about molestation on social media last week.

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This comes after Naidu posted a picture of a wedding shoot featuring himself and a local model on his Instagram account, which he then captioned it: “Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at her (Like a molester who found his next victim),” he wrote.

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The former Mr India South Africa winner, had taken to social media to apologise for his post saying it was “distasteful and offensive” asking for forgiveness from everyone for his error in judgement.

To everyone affected and offended by my social media post directly or indirectly, I would like to issue a formal apology to all of you. My post was made in jest and unfortunately – it lacked sensitivity, was completely distasteful, and offensive. I truly regret having posted what I did and I would like to categorically state that I had no malicious intentions. I can only ask that this unfortunate incident be put down to my lack of better judgement at the time. Molestation is clearly not an issue to be mixed with humour and I understand that the lack of judgement and error on my part has offended many people and I am truly sorry for this. I can only pray and hope that my indiscretion in this regard can be forgiven and my apology accepted,” – He wrote on Instagram.

In a statement, M-Net spokesperson Lani Lombard said the channel did not condone abuse and would no longer be working with Tevin Naidu in its promotional campaigns.

“M-Net does not condone any type of abuse, or references to it, in any context and viewed Tevin Naidu’s offensive Instagram comment in a serious light. Tevin was part of the initial marketing activities to recruit female contestants for the new dating show The Bachelor South Africa but will not be involved in the remainder of the campaign”.

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