Mabala Noise pays tribute to Jazz legend Thandi Klaasen

Entertainment powerhouse, Mabala Noise Entertainment, has paid tribute to renowned jazz musician Thandi Klaasen who has died aged 86 and lauded her impact in the music fraternity.

Affectionately known as Sis Thandi, Klaasen was not just a brilliant jazz musician. She was far more than that; she was the very embodiment of triumph over adversity.

Mabala Noise praised Thandi Klaasen for her epic resilience of spirit both locally and abroad and also recognised the impact she has had in the music industry in a career that spanned over three decades.

Klaasen has received many honours, most recently the presidential Order of the Baobab in Gold from president Jacob Zuma. This jazz legend will always be remembered for her indomitable spirit and as a person who succeeded against all odds.

Over the years Klaasen also became a pillar of support for younger female artists like Mara Louw and many others by offering her wise counsel on issues that where outside the realm of jazz.

Thandi Klaasen is one of the fiercest and legendary jazz icons the country has seen in the last century and if it was not for legends like her, record labels like Mabala Noise would not exist.