Mazet causes chaos at Gomora Secondary

Mazet going back to high school at 24? [Gomora]

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Last week, love dominated Gomora; Mam Sonto’s love for Mazet, Gladys’ love for her new friend Zoliswa, and Zodwa’s newfound love for Bongani whom she “stole” from Zoliswa. Perhaps it is only fitting that love takes centre stage in February, the month of silly things like roses and overpriced chocolate whose brand names nobody can pronounce.

Bongani and Zodwa’s first time

Zodwa and Bongani were alone at the Zondo home. I haven’t been with any man for 10 years, Zodwa said. She was eager to consummate their relationship. But Bongani said he wanted them to take things slow. But it wasn’t long before they finally got beneath the covers with just their feet sticking out. They would have gone a second round, had someone not knocked on the door. Teddy!

Gladys stands with Zoliswa

As Bongani and Zodwa grew closer, Gladys became more and more frustrated. She talked her husband to death – Bongani this, Bongani that – even though Melusi kept telling her to stay out of the Zodwa-Bongani-Zoliswa love triangle. She took out her resentment for Zodwa on poor Teddy who wasn’t anywhere near the Bongani when he first shelad Zodwa. After Gladys yelled her frustrations out to – or rather on – Teddy, he went back to his mother’s shack where he interrupted her quality time with Bongani (whose real name is Thulani Mtswele). Zodwa went in her night gown, still reeking of copulation, to confront Gladys. The harried looking Melusi stood between them like a WWE referee, calling for peace between John Cena and Edge.

Teddy, who is caught in the middle of his foster mom and biological mother’s squabbles suggested a sit down between the elders. Melusi missed this meeting – which I suppose is lucky for him to avoid all that drama – as he was tied up with a situation at school. I’ll tell you about that later. The ceasefire talks between Zoliswa, Bongani, Zodwa and Gladys didn’t go very well.

One thing is very clear; Zoliswa seemed to have resigned herself to losing her marriage, until she realized that she would soon be replaced by “a maid” of all people. Zoliswa (whose real name is Zinzi Ntsele) has taken every opportunity to point out that Zodwa is “just a cleaner”. As if it would make any difference if Bongani’s new lover had been a PhD holder.  Divorce is still divorce and man gone is still man gone, whether she is a helper or company CEO.

Zoliswa weaponises her children

When it became clear that Bongani was moving on with Zodwa, Zoliswa played one last card. She took her two children to Zodwa’s shack where Bongani has been spending most of his days lately.

“You want Bongani? Well, he comes with two children. Package deal!”

Bongani, who had been at work arrived to find his son and daughter at Zodwa’s shack. Zoliswa had hoped Zodwa would run away from being a stepmom. But instead she dished up some food and served Bongani’s kids with a smile on her face, much to Bongani’s amazement.

Meanwhile, Teddy was left to house sit for the Dlaminis who have gone away on a family get together. Ntokozo who has been crying out for his parents’ attention has finally got Gladys and Melusi all to himself.

Sonto and Dorah fight over Mazet

Mazet survived the shooting, thanks to Mam Sonto and Thathi who drove her to the hospital before dumping her at the entrance and driving off like the criminals they are. The police questioned Mazet (real name Siphesihle Ndaba) about the shooting but she did not give up Sonto as the shooter. Instead Mazet attributed the shooting to a random stray bullet in crime infested Gomora. Mazet’s aunt – her mother’s sister, Dorah (whose real name is Phumzile Mlangeni) quizzed her niece about her relationship with Sonto. When Mazet told her about Sonto taking her in when she ran away from home before introducing her to crime, Dorah encouraged her to snitch on her former boss. But Mazet knows exactly what Sonto is capable of. She refused to snitch. Just as well, because Sonto overheard their conversation. In fact, this conversation saved Mazet from catching a second bullet. Sonto had come armed with that revolver she loves so much, to tie up loose ends, but when she heard Mazet refusing to snitch, she put her weapon back in her handbag.

Dorah then took it upon herself to snitch on Sonto. She was on her way to the police station when a VW Polo came to a screeching stop, barricading her route. Of course it just had to be a damn Polo! Sdumo hopped out of the car and dragged her into the vehicle before speeding off. Moments later, Dorah sat in Sonto’s workshop with her hands tied. The proprietor of the fine establishment stood with a power drill in hand. Vrrrrrr! went the spinning drill, even though it wasn’t vrrphaa Tuesday. At the sight of the rotating drill bit, Dorah began to plead for mercy. Sonto toyed with her some more. When finally Sonto released her, Dorah hurried home to Mazet and packed her bags and left Alex without delay.

Sonto and Mazet make peace

After initially rejecting Sonto’s offer of peace, Mazet finally forgave her old boss for shooting her. In the ensuing conversation, Sonto suggested that Mazet go back to school so that she can make an honest living away from crime. Mazet took a day to ponder this. When next she went to see Sonto, it was to say yes, she would go back to school – at age 24.

Mazet in school uniform

With a skaftin full of cookies, Sonto went to see Principal Dlamini about re-enrolling Zanele into Gomora Secondary, from where she dropped out nearly 8 years ago. Of course Dlamini wasn’t hearing it, cookies or no cookies. Mazet had led his son astray and she was a troublemaker in her bygone days at Gomora Secondary. Mam Sonto isn’t known for giving up easily.

Back home she heard Sbonga the chairman of the SGB telling Pretty about the school’s urgent need for a printer. A brand new one costs R15,000 and the education department wasn’t loosening its purse strings for Gomora Secondary. Mam Sonto saw her opportunity. She went back to Gomora Secondary. She did not go alone. She had two men with her. They carried a brand new printer into the school office before Sonto made a proposition:

A free printer in exchange for Mazet attending Gomora Secondary. Just encouragement, not a bribe, said Sonto to Melusi. Principal Dlamini sulkily accepted the printer and promised to give thought to Mazet joining the school. Can you picture the beautiful Siphesihle Ndaba in a school uniform?

It is going to be lit like Yizo Yizo!

Till next week, my pen is capped


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