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16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: Mikhaela Faye runs a Nappy and Formula Drive

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Following the release of her new quirky single, ‘I don’t want you baby’, Mikhaela Faye invites you to join her movement in raising awareness and supporting those who were abused.

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The singer has collaborated with Friends of Child Protection (FCP), a non-profit organisation that provides comfort packs to Thuthuzela Centres, Family Violence Child Protection, and Sexual Offence Units (FCAs) in the Western Cape. This movement is to support those affected by Gender-Based Violence, Sexual abuse, and Child neglection, by donating nappies and formulas.

“In the wake of my latest release ‘I don’t want your baby,’ that speaks to the societal pressure for women to have children, I wanted to address the broader systemic issues that so many women and children face in South Africa; a country grappling with the plight of gender-based violence, femicide, sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and child neglect. For some, the lockdown was a time of ‘domesticated bliss’ but for so many, it was, and still is, a domestic hell with teenage pregnancy stats and incidents of gender-based violence and domestic abuse (these are of course all interlinked) higher than ever before,” shares Mikhaela Faye.

16 days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

She adds: “I have worked as a volunteer at Friends of Child Protection for close to 3 years, they are an organisation extremely close to my heart that provides comfort packs to children who are victims of sexual abuse and rape across the Western Cape. Child abuse and neglect are at the center of our society’s rotting core; we need to band together to provide safety, compassion, and care for those that are affected by it in whatever capacity we can.”

Over the past years, FCP has packed and distributed over 86 800 comfort packs for babies, toddlers, boys and girls who have been sexually abused. Approximately 18% of these packs are supplied specifically for babies and toddlers.


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Comfort packs for babies and toddlers contain the following:

  • Nappies (size 4 and 5),
  • Infacare formula for 6 months and older, and a baby bottle,
  • Cerelac cereal for babies of 3 months and over / a snack pack consisting of a packet of 2-minute noodles, a box of juice and a packet of biscuit for toddlers,
  • A face cloth and soap,
  • A hand-knitted teddy – they have many volunteers from all over the country who knit teddy bears for the comfort pack supplying them with over 1 200 teddies and soft toys every 60 days.

If you would like to donate, please go to your nearest Baby City, and quote the following baby registry reference when purchasing your items: BCR010

The registry will be active until 29 December 2021. You can also access the registry via the QR code below or contact 063 783 7344 / [email protected] to arrange a pickup or drop off or your donations.

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