Mikie Monoketsi

Mikie Monoketsi’s The Flat Stomach Tea TEAm donates four wheelchairs

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Mikie Monoketsi’s The Flat Stomach Tea TEAm donates four wheelchairs to transform the lives of differently able people.

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Mama’s Spices & Herbs’ vision is to make a positive impact on communiTEAs and to transform lives. The TEAm does this by educating people on the importance of investing in their health. The Flat Stomach Tea brand provides completely natural products and promotes lifestyle programmes to help reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases, many of which are caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and obesiTEA.

With a network of thousands of distributors, whose lives have been changed by marketing the Flat Stomach Tea range of health products to their customers, the company is able to channel profits into uplifting others.

Mikie Monoketsi, founder and BossLady of Flat Stomach Tea says: “My sincere gratitude and appreciation goes to our network of distributors who have started their own businesses and grown them into sustainable income streams. Their contribution to changing the health of our nation is invaluable. Through their hard work, determination and dedication, we have grown our business this year and are proud to be able to respond to requests from those in need. Our distributors help us achieve our mission. It is our privilege and pleasure to give back to communiTEAs and help improve the lives of others.”

“Many of our distributors became unemployed as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown and business shutdown and I salute them for embracing the opportuniTEA of joining Flat Stomach Tea and transforming their own lives. They are role models for others to emulate,” says Mikie.

For further information, visit www.flatstomachtea.co.za

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