Teddy massages Miss Manzi

Miss Manzi continues to molest Teddy [Gomora]

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Have you ever sought the help of a friend, and then the friend sends you right back to the same trouble from which you wish to escape? Last week, Miss Manzi and Teddy’s indecent fraternisation continued to hog the limelight on Gomora. But now, the secret is out.

Teddy fails his driving test

Principal Melusi Dlamini (real name Zolisa Xaluva) kept his word and registered his three favourite boys, Teddy, Langa and Ntokozo for their learners driving permit test. To nobody’s surprise, straight-A pupils, Ntokozo and Langa aced the test. To everyone’s sorrow, Teddy failed.

Out of kindness to their friend, Ntokozo and Langa dialled down their celebrations while Melusi gave the boy a shoulder to cry on. Nobody knew that the strict school principal had it in him to be so sensitive.

What about me?

Teddy’s examination catastrophe affected Ntokozo in a different way. For a long time Gladys has directed all her energy into looking after Gomora’s troubled denizens, forgetting that her own biological child also needs her. At the breakfast table Ntokozo suddenly blew a gasket over the fact that his parents seem to only care about outsiders, at his expense. If it wasn’t Teddy, then it was another social welfare case. Ntokozo had not only passed his learners driving test but he also got 100% for a business studies spot test, only for his parents to fuss over Teddy who flunked both.

“Maybe you should focus on me” blurted Ntokozo.

In order to smooth over the kinks in their relationship, Gladys Dlamini (real name Thembi Seete) took her son Ntokozo (real name Ntobeko Sishi) to a gadget fare, which was Teddy’s idea. Miss Manzi, wanting to be alone with Teddy, talked Melusi into buying the tickets. The idea seemed to have worked because Ntokozo and Gladys kissed and made up.

Teddy bounces back


After his disastrous first attempt at getting his learners permit, Miss Manzi tutored Teddy. And then Teddy confided in Ntokozo. While Teddy was home alone, Miss Manzi (real name Sihle Ndaba) who looked perfectly fine after her jog, suddenly developed a limp and asked Teddy to help her. She lowered herself into a chair, looking the perfect picture of physical agony, and asked Teddy to rub her injured leg. Teddy obliged. And then Ma’am Manzi began to moan, and I don’t mean in the way someone moans when they take their first bite of black forest cake. The other kind of moaning. Teddy was visibly disturbed. But when he shared this with Ntokozo, his friend did not believe him. Thinking that Teddy’s crush had gone out of control, Ntokozo went to tell Miss Manzi. She, of course, wanting to keep her liaison with Teddy a secret, manipulated him into keeping their shenanigans confidential.

Mahlasela gets closer to the truth

After a group of kids found a loaded gun in a wasteland, the weapon found its way to Detective Mahlasela’s desk. Ballistics matched the gun to the both the shooting of Mbongeni Ndaba (real name Themba Ndaba) and a certain Gift who, unlike Ndaba, survived the altercation.

But Detective Mahlasela who hasn’t learned to keep his investigation under wraps blabbed to Thathi who in turn told Mam Sonto. So Sonto, who is responsible for both shootings, paid Gift to recant his original claim of having been shot by her. For R10,000 Gift developed a convenient case of amnesia about the time that Sonto shot him.

Mam Sonto ties up loose ends


What do you do if you have already paid R10,000 to a blackmailer and then he demands R100,000 more? Well I don’t know about you but I have watched enough crime dramas to know exactly what comes next. People who can’t remain silent get silenced.


Gift found out that Mam Sonto had asked him to lie in order to avoid suspicion on a much bigger crime; the death of Mbongeni. He demanded more money from Mam Sonto. She asked him to give her time to come up with the cash which really meant she needed time to ponder a kill plan. Mazet, who is normally loyal as a dog, seemed reluctant to carry out the hit, so Mam Sonto literally took things into her own hands.

She arranged a meeting with Gift, ostensibly to hand over the R100,000 cash. When her blackmailer was distracted, she strangled him with a rope. Gift’s death certificate will say “death by strangulation” but everybody knows that greed is the real cause of death. I can already see his tombstone:

“Here lies Gift. He should have just taken the R10,000.”

Sonto’s epitaph of course will read, “Here lies Sonto Molefe. She was always one step ahead of the law”.

Manzi’s secret revealed


After Teddy re-sat the learner driver’s permit test, he passed. Miss Manzi took him, Langa and Ntokozo to Mnandi Shisanyama for a celebratory meal. Miss Manzi knocked over a bottle, spilling its contents all over Teddy’s lap. In apparent panic, she snatched up a wad of paper napkins and frantically dabbed the fluid from a stunned Teddy’s crotch. Langa and Ntokozo, seated across the table, exchanged wide-eyed glances. Earlier, Ntokozo did not believe Teddy’s claims of Manzi being sexual with him, but finally he has seen Miss Manzi’s true colours. Whether she manages to explain her way out of this remains to be seen.

Gomora doesn’t add up


Teddy and Miss Manzi slept together. From the way she summoned him upstairs, two weeks ago, it can be inferred that they did do the dirty deed. But the story continued last week as though nothing had happened. In fact, rather than carrying on from where they had left off, Teddy seems “confused” by Miss Manzi touching him and asking him to massage her leg. When two people sleep together, it is a deed which can never be reversed. You can’t come back from that, nor can you photoshop it from your life. So why is Teddy suddenly in shock when Manzi gets gropey? He must either carry on enjoying it or simply come clean to Principal Dlamini.


Till next week, my pen is capped




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