Mjekejeke resists Lisbeth's advances

Mjekejeke resists urge to cheat despite marriage problems

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Jabulani Mjekejeke Zulu – real name Sipho Manzini – is the faithful, if not bullied husband of Sis Patronella and father to slay cop, Georgina – real name Sibusisiwe Jili. His wife Patronella – real name Thembsie Mathu – wavers between rude and overly materialistic. The fact that their marriage has lasted so long is a testament to Mjekejeke ’s ability to withstand abuse. If Mjekejeke – or any man in his shoes – were to stray from his marriage, even the world’s dogged feminist would surely understand.

Harriet replaces Kea with Olerato

After Kea died, Harriet left her daughter’s room unoccupied. The helpers, Dorcas and Antoinette, were given instructions to leave the room as is. But when Kgosi introduced his daughter, Olerato, to the Khoza family, Harriet asked Antoinette to put fresh linen on Kea’s bed. She packed away the cardboard boxes containing Keabetswe’s belongings. Picking up a framed photograph of her beloved Kea, Harriet officially announced that she was finally letting go.

Harriet then invited Olerato – real name Lorraine Moropa – to move in permanently. She took Kea’s room. And no more taxis for the newfound niece. Harriet asked Olerato to pick a car, any car! I wonder if she chose a Kia. Cruel joke? My bad.


Meanwhile Brutus, despite accepting Olerato, was grumbling about Harriet trying to “replace” the children she had lost, Kagiso and Kea. Shaka said there was nothing wrong with that. Brutus said he smelt a plot; Shaka was keen on sleeping with Olerato.

To be honest, I hope Shaka stays far away from Olerato. She is a sweet girl. He already defiled another angelic girl. Remember Mmabatho? The Christian girl he drove to sin.

Kgosi chooses romance over fatherhood

As Harriet and Olerato bonded over new cars, mansion life and such, Kgosi seemed absentminded. Olerato assumed that her moving into the Khoza mansion had been too much too soon. She offered to leave so as to give Kgosi space. But Harriet assured her that Kgosi’s current problems were not in any way connected to her arrival.

Later, when Kgosi finally spilled his guts to Harriet, Olerato happened to be coming down the stairs – because that’s what you do when you live in a Waterfall mansion, you clip-clop down the stairs. Olerato overheard her father and aunt discussing the dilemma at hand. Kgosi had upped and left Brazil, on the verge of marriage, because Olerato had made contact with him. Having just got to know his daughter, Kgosi felt that he could not abandon her once again. At the same time – the heart wants what the heart wants – Kgosi regretted walking away from love, the sort you only get in the bedroom, as opposed to the affection of a daughter.

As Kgosi battled to make a decision, Olerato made it easier for him. She gave him her blessing to return to Brazil.

Patronella makes demands

Patronella has always been a materialistic wife. Remember how she foolishly invested in Solly’s immune booster juice, against Mjekejeke’s advice? Last week, she began to nag Mjekejeke about a bedroom suite. Apparently one of her friends got a new bedroom suite and Sis Pat wanted one for herself. She woke Mjekejeke way before his normal wakeup time and told him to get to work so that he can increase his chances of getting a promotion. She went on strike, refusing to cook for him and withholding sex until Mkjekejeke becomes a better provider.

That’s just the half of it. Sis Pat verbally assaulted Mjekejeke at the Corner House, humiliating him in front of friends and strangers.

Mjekejeke has a secret love

If you are going to attack your husband, it’s best you do it in private. Another woman might be watching and she may take your place. New waitress, Lisbeth – real name Phumzile Mlangeni – is fresh off the farm, from KZN, where the women respect their men. She detected KZN in the isiZulu spoken by Mjekejeke. The two instantly became friends. But friendship wasn’t all she wanted.

Lisbeth made the effort to prepare a lavish meal for Mjakes, she laid out an ice bucket filled with beers for her homeboy. She did not even notice Schumacher who watched in awe, as his friend received the VIP treatment. Schumacher pointed out to Mjekejeke that he had a new admirer. But Mjakes pleaded “happily married” despite Schumacher’s encouragement to stray from his marital vows. Mjekejeke did not know what was to come next.

Mjekejeke fights temptation

With Mjekejeke continuing with his gentlemanly behaviour, Lisbeth escalated her plans to hook up with her homeboy. She suddenly had a “faulty microwave oven” which needed a handyman’s attention. Mjekejeke who is technically gifted accepted her invitation to look at her oven. She gave him her home address.

Still deceived by her fresh farm eggs appearance, Mjekejeke arrived at Lisbeth’s house with toolbox in hand. She ushered him to the problematic microwave. When he turned the knob, the oven hummed into life.

“Your oven seems fine,” said Mjekejeke, “I best be on my way.”

But Lisbeth asked him to stay for a meal. Patronella was on strike, no sex, no cooking, so Mjekejeke accepted. And then Lisbeth became all handsy. She thrust her face into his. A weaker man would have pulled out his toolbox, if you catch my meaning. But Mjekejeke picked up his actual tools and dashed out faster than Semenya. The first man in Africa to refuse sex!


Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Lisbeth and Mjekejeke.  Mjekejeke may be poor, with just his comb and no hair to run it through, but he is still a good man. Sis Pat takes a devoted husband for granted and someone needs to remind her that nobody is irreplaceable.

Siyanda forgives Schumacher

Ever since Schumacher chickened out of testifying against Hector, Siyanda has been giving Schumie the cold shoulder. For every one of his visits to the Corner House, Siyanda gave him a reception much colder than winter nights in Vuyolwethu Ngcukana’s home town, Mthatha. But when Schumacher finally revealed that the Sebatas had threatened to keep him in prison and murder his brother Buntu, Siyanda’s frosty demeanour thawed. Having faced similar threats, when Dollar kidnapped her daughter Neo, Siyanda knew where Schumacher was coming from.

With Hector and Vuyiswa on holiday, Kagiso and Goodness moving to the Eastern Cape, The Queen has entered a lull. I got the feeling that the Mjekejeke-Patronella storyline was created just to fill the void left by departed actors. Sis Pat has been Mjakes wife for over 20 years and should be fully accustomed to the poverty. Why then does she suddenly make a big deal of it? It all seemed too contrived.

In other news, the original Sis Vee, Zandile Msutwana is back on set and fans of the beautiful actress can expect to see her back on their screens.

Till next week, my pen is capped

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