It’s been another trending week for Mo Flava on his Metro FM #TheMorningFix breakfast show

If you missed out on his shows this week, here’s a brief run down.

Monday 19 October 2015

  • Mo Flava covered the Wits University protest success with the suspension of the fee hike and asked for students across the country at campuses such as UCT, Rhodes and Stellenbosch to give updates on what was happening on their campuses.
  • Mo Flava posed the question: “What do you think about Jason Derulo’s ‘question’ about whether we can speak English or not?” in reference to the South African of The Year Awards that took place last weekend where Jason Derulo posed that question to the crowd.
  • Mo Flava also shared that DRUM Magazine decided to write something nice about him… Check out his interview on shelves now.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

  • Mo Flava continued with the topic of the student protests across the country and engaged with students on whether or not the situation was affecting their academics
  • Mo Flava touched on the topic of house arrest in light of the release of ‎Oscar Pistorious
  • Mo Flava had a chat with Stone Seate about cycling for a good cause ‪

Wednesday 21 October 2015

  • Mo Flava asked if anyone can explain the chicken in Beyonce’s recent cover shoot
  • Mo Flava engaged on the students debate of 0% fee increase and if it was possible after Minister Blade Nzimande announced that fee hikes would be capped at 6%‪
  • Mo Flava asked listeners to share where their favourite parks are and if they find them to be safe, in light of the recent gang rape and murder of a couple at a park
  • Mo Flava used Khloe Kardashian’s visibility and support of Lamar Odom, despite their troubled marriage, to engage with listeners who are also always there for their ex
  • Mo Flava also discussed men’s health issues

Thursday 22 October 2015

  • Mo Flava engage on the ‪#‎FeesMustFall protest action taking place and asked listeners participating to keep #TheMorningFix in the loop on what was happening on the ground
  • Mo Flava asked listeners to share on whether or not the 16% fee increase at UJ was true
  • Mo Flava caught up with DJ ARCH JNR, the 3 year old DJ taking the world by storm!

Friday 23 October 2015

  • Mo Flava asked listeners to share on what caught their attention this week
  • Mo Flava had a chat with Kaylow about his music
  • Mo Flava gave a salutation to the likes of Sizwe Dhlomo, DJ Shimza, DJ Naves, DJ Fresh, SPHEctacula, Shaka Sisulu and Slikour for their contribution in the #FeesMustFall campaign/protest.

Catch Mo Flava again next week on #TheMorningFix on Metro FM week days from 8am till 10am.

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