Moja Love TV channel After Tears

Moja Love Channel Introduces New Show Called “After Tears”

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Moja Love Channel DStv Channel 157, is best known for introducing groundbreaking and controversial shows that get South Africans talking online. Moja Love TV has introduced yet another show called, After Tears.

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According to Channel24, After Tears is a Moja Love reality show which celebrates the life of a person who has passed on with the After Tears tradition. Moja Love looks back at a life well-lived and accompanies the grieving family as they seek to lay their loved ones to rest and celebrate after funeral proceedings. They share the pain of the family as they bid the deceased farewell.

The After Tears tradition is where a dead person’s life is celebrated through drinking. Funerals are considered as a time during which friends comfort the people who lost their loved ones, but that narrative is changing with many people drinking and partying after the burial. People should bury their loved ones with dignity.

After Tears Moja Love will also show South Africans how those attending funerals drink alcohol and play loud music. People also go to the funerals with cooler boxes filled with alcohol and camp chairs to relax and have fun after the funeral.

After Tears show on Moja Love starts on 1 October 2019 at 21h30 on Moja LOVE DStv. This new show called After Tears is already trending on Twitter South Africa.

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