More trouble for Thembeka TX: Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM

A ghost from the past suddenly appears. It’s a dead body found in a lake. Thembeka is reeling from her recent woes with the paternity tests, Naledi’s accident, trouble with Quinton and the news that she is pregnant. She has, thus far, been evading the long arm of the law, but will she be able to work her way out of this one?

Her nerves are revved up when a photograph proving that she could be guilty of murder starts doing the rounds. A close family member suspects that she is responsible for the dead body. She is then caught in a cross road of committing another crime to protect herself.

The evidence will stack up against her in what could be the epitome of her downfall.

Stay tuned to find out which dark and dangerous secret rises from the depths of her nightmares.

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