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Moya App is a messaging app developed in South Africa that enables all users to communicate easily without the data cost incurring. The amazing thing about Moya App is that the users of this app can message each other without having the data balance or airtime which is really a time-saving along with a money-saving way to send messages. This is the best beneficial app that offers group chat, automatic message encryption, end-to-end security, unlimited texting, and contact discovery that allow all users to easily connect with other users without any interference. The Moya App fully supported all message attachments such as, voice notes, videos, photos as well as all documents.

Everything You Need to Know About Moya App SASSA

The users of this app will directly warn preemptively when they suddenly incur the costs of mobile data. If the person is having a big business, this app is best to give big access to all businesses to all those users who are using Moya App. The app seems to be the best part of the data-free initiative which means that there is an offer of collection of sites as well as apps that never use up the data of the end users. Do you want instant messaging being living in South Africa? Moya App is the best way to send messages because this is the instant app that allows sending an instant message without any cost. When the person receives and sends messages or texts instantly, this helps to save his time which is really important nowadays.

Moya App

Benefits of Moya App

The interesting thing about Moya App is that this app began as a messaging service and now this app has expanded to offer access as well as functionality host to approximately 300 content services such as, live results of sports, entertainment, weather, education, news, services, products, information regarding health and job. All of these are free of data charges and users are really happy with this app service.

It is estimated that over 7 million South Africans have actually embraced this Moya App for access to all the rich environments online and hence, provide data-free service to users which is the main reason people of South Africa enjoy this app. The students are also taking many advantages of this Moya App because this is giving access to over 50 educational apps along with ten assistant apps with job search apps when the students are all ready to enter the market for jobs. Moya App users typically spend approximately 25-30 minutes per session taking many advantages of the access to the different information, and opportunities, along with access to basic knowledge.

Moya App is the best supportive platform for billions of young people of South Africa in order to participate in the knowledge as well as all opportunities that have existed in this era of digital knowledge. Moya App supports South Africa’s youth and this helps to continue the support for the sustainable creation of jobs in South Africa. When there is the building of a solid foundation in employment as well as education for the country’s youth, the country grows very fast and the economic growth reaches to a high level. Moya App is best for the youth of South Africa because youth are the country’s future.

How to Download Moya App

Now, we know Moya App is the free software of mobile, in the past, the app was also used for the management of the SASSA payments SRD R350 grant. With the help of the Moya App, you can easily check out the cancel SRD grant, change payment options, reconsider your application and grants apply.

Steps to Follow

In order to access the SASSA SRD grant status via Moya App, you need to follow all the necessary steps.

  • First of all, open the play store from your android mobile.
  • You need to search for this Moya App.
  • After getting the Moya App, choose the first one that you see in the searching list.
  • Install the app immediately and for the configuration of the app, always follow on-screen prompt.
  • After downloading and opening Moya App, you need to click on the section ‘Money and Services’.
  • After that, you will see the SASSA Relief button. Click on this at the moment.
  • Choose the needed section. Now you are free to choose the Moya App in order to check the R350 SRD payment status.
  • Please note the Moya App is not a SASSA App.

Moya App is highly appreciated by all users in South Africa because this app never shares users’ data with big companies. People are using this app for reading news, browsing Wikipedia, reading books and for many other purposes. South Africans are enjoying this Moya App because this app seems very helpful in their daily routine work even during the office job. Users can send messages to others within no time and this is the best way to receive as well as send the message without wasting time and waiting for a response from other people.

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