Dr Malinga No Excuse Pay Papgeld host

Musician Dr Malinga is the new host of No Excuse Pay Papgeld

Dr Malinga whose real name is Goodwill Malinga is the new host of Moja Love’s show No Excuse Pay Your Papgeld. 

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Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Dr Malinga said he plans to be a mediator to ensure the children in these situations come out the winners. The Akulaleki singer wants men to live up to their financial and emotional responsibility to their children.

He said he also wants to bring peace amongst families. Just because parents do not see eye to eye, does not mean that the children must suffer.

News about the show No Excuse Pay Your Papgeld have been making the rounds for weeks, as auditions for a new presenter were advertised. The advert has attracted a lot of attention and response from many hopefuls including well-known South African celebrity Dr Malinga.

“I heard about the auditions from my publicist Gastor Serumula and I decided to take the chance. I stood in line like everyone else. Of course, people took selfies and pictures of me and I didn’t mind, and when I got inside for the audition, I killed it,” he told DRUM.

Dr Malinga has always been a big fan of the show and he loved how the former host Moss Makwati conducted himself.

“I don’t know why the other guy was let go, but I was a big fan and I understand that I have big shoes to fill. But I’m a natural,” he says.

Moja Love TV Channel Head Rainers-Setai says they are saddened by the departure of talented presenter Moss Makwati and they are excited to see his new venture.

“Moja Love is excited to welcome Dr Malinga to be part of the family as we hope that his contribution will continue from where the brave and courageous Moss Makwati left it.”

She continues to say that “the success of the show is riding on being bold and fearless in our approach, such that if there is any parent who does not pay papgeld are terrified by the thought of the show coming to persuade them to do the right thing.”

Image Courtesy: afternoonexpress.co.za

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