Nasty C shares a fake shark photo on Instagram

Nasty C’s management has confirmed that the baby shark which had the rapper’s fans agitated this week is fake, and the star will not be “buying” a R25,000 pet.

The rapper posted a baby shark photo on Instagram captioned “New pet She needs a name” and it immediately caused a stir on social media.

Nasty C’s manager Ayanda Ngcobo set the record straight but said that the image was not a publicity stunt.

“It isn’t real at all. It is just photoshopped like some of the other images Nasty C has been playing around with on his social media. We reassure all of Nasty C fans that it is not real and he does not have a shark. We would not have a shark in the pool. It was just a picture.”

The image had been the subject of several news articles and social media comments speculating on the price Nasty C would have had to pay to own a shark.

Ayanda said that he was aware of the reports and slammed any suggestion they would spend thousands on a pet.

“I’ve seen reports and people saying we spent a lot of money on the shark. I saw figures flying around between R25,000 and R50,000. That is insane . We would not spend that on a pet.”

Ayanda said Nasty C’s team was blown away by the reaction to the picture, but said they hadn’t noted any outcry from animal activists.

“It is crazy how many people think it is real and the response has been insane. We haven’t had any outcry from animal activists only people saying it is great and people naming the shark.”

“There are no ripples on the water where the shark is, neither by Nasty C’s hand. Also, the way the shark is swimming clearly shows it is photoshopped.”

Source: TshisaLIVE

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