Netbank Internet Banking South Africa Guide

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Netbank Internet Banking in South Africa is one of the most searched phrases on Google South Africa. If you are a Nedbank Limited customer in South Africa, you might have already seen, which is the Netbank Internet Banking link. The purpose of this article is to show people how to register and use Netbank Internet Banking.

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What is Netbank Internet Banking?

Netbank Internet Banking is an electronic payment system that allows customers to conduct financial transactions via the Internet. Internet banking, also known as online banking or web-banking, has become popular in South Africa. Netbank Internet Banking allows Nedbank customers almost every service traditionally available via its branch including online bill payments, buying prepaid electricity, airtime, data, make deposits and transfers.

Netbank Internet Banking Application

Nedbank customers with current, savings account or credit card, can apply for Netbank Internet Banking by visiting their nearest Nedbank branch and complete a Digital Banking application form. Make sure that you take your green bar-coded Identity book (ID book) or smart ID with you.

The branch will issue you with a Digital Banking profile number and temporary PIN which must be changed within six days of issue. You can change your temporary PIN via telephone banking, SSTs or online or internet banking. Alternatively, you can complete the application form on the Nedbank website ( and one of Nedbank’s consultants will contact you.

You can also register on your own by following the below guide on how to register for online banking.

How to Register for Netbank Internet Banking in South Africa

Make sure that you have a Profile number, a PIN and a password before you register for Netbank Internet Banking. You may already use a Nedbank Self Service Banking facility such Cellphone Banking or Telephone Banking. If you have the profile number and PIN, you can use them to Log in to your Nedbank profile. Follow the below steps to register for Netbank Internet Banking:

STEP 1: Go to
STEP 2: Click the “Register” button
STEP 3: Enter your South African ID number and then click “Next”
STEP 4: Follow the rest of the instructions

Netbank Internet Banking Registration

Netbank Internet Banking Login

After registering to use the online banking profile, you can now proceed to Netbank Internet Banking login page. Use your Profile number, PIN and password to login. Follow the below steps to learn how to Login to Netbank online.

STEP 1: Visit
STEP 2: Then, click “Login”
STEP 3: Log in with your Nedbank ID which are your username and password
STEP 4: Then click the “Login” button
STEP 5: Now you will be logged in to Netbank Internet Banking
STEP 6: Start making payments, purchase prepaid airtime, view transaction history and much more

Netbank Internet Banking Login

Netbank Internet Banking Features

  • Check balances
  • Buy prepaid airtime, SMS or data bundles
  • Buy prepaid electricity
  • Set up automatic payment notifications
  • Set up future-dated purchases to recharge your prepaids automatically
  • Keep track of your transactions with eNotes
  • Make once-off instant payments
  • Send money using Send-iMali
  • Change your profile limits
  • Add new beneficiary
  • Set up a recurring payment
  • Generate a transaction statement
  • Make an instant payment
  • Buy LOTTO tickets and much more

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