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Netflix drops teaser for Home for Christmas season 2

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Today Netflix announced some exciting news about the second season of Home for Christmas. The well-known cast includes Ida Elise Broch, Dennis Storhøi and Anette Hoff.

“We are also excited to reveal that fan favorites Gabrielle Leithaug, Oddgeir Thune, Felix Sandman and Stian Blipp will be returning! Other cast members we are thrilled to announce are Edward Schultheiss, Hermann Sabado and Dagny Norvoll Sandvik.” – Netflix said in a statement

The second season of Home for Christmas can be seen exclusively on Netflix starting December 18.

When love comes knocking, would you be ready? Follow Johanne through another December as she continues her pursuit for eternal, warm, and real love. When her family and the world around her fall apart, how can she still believe in true and everlasting love? Does it even exist and will she find the one for Christmas this year?

Director is Per-Olav Sørensen, while Julie Skaufel, Mattis Herman Nyquist, Miriam Larsen and Per-Olav Sørensen are writers. Producers are Kaia Foss and Trond Håndlykken Kvernstrøm (EP).

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