Larissa Manoela Airplane Mode Netflix Trailer

Netflix Releases An Official Trailer for Brazilian Original Film Airplane Mode

Netflix has recently released an official trailer of its forthcoming Brazilian original film Airplane Mode (Modo Aviao), starring Larissa Manoela and Erasmo Carlo.

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This is the star-like life of Ana, a digital influencer played by Larissa Manoela in the movie Airplane Mode, which marks her debut on Netflix. The video shows Ana’s routine as the face of a famous clothes brand directed by shady Carola (Katiusca Canoro). Also, it reveals one important detail: she collects as many traffic fines as social media likes. One day, while driving and using the phone at the same time, she crashes her car and sees her life go upside down. Or, let’s say, the girl goes on airplane mode.

As a punishment to learn how to live without her smartphone at all times, she is sent to a forced vacation on the farm of her grandfather Germano (Erasmo Carlos) – totally off, with no internet. There, she has to help him in his garage. Goodbye, nail extensions and glamorous looks. Hello, grease and car oil. However, more than fixing old cars, Ana gets the chance to reconnect with real life and to find out who she really is. After all, life is way more than popular posts.

Airplane Mode premieres on January 23, 2020, only on Netflix. Based on a Mexican script by Alberto Bremer, the Brazilian adaptation of Airplane Mode is written by Renato Fagundes (Os Penetras 2, Vai que Cola – O Começo) and Alice Name-Bomtempo (Vai que Cola). The movie is directed by César Rodrigues (Vai que Cola – O Filme, Minha Mãe é um Peça 2) and produced by Luiz Noronha, Cecilia Grosso, and Samanta Moraes, from the producing company A Fábrica.

Watch Airplane Mode Official Trailer Below:

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