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News24 is South Africa’s Most Trusted News Brand

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News24 remains South Africa’s most trusted news brand. News24 is a South African online news publication which was created in 1998 by the multinational media company, Naspers.

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According to a report by the Reuters Institute, over 85% of readers trust the content they consume on News24 South Africa. According to the 2020 Reuters Institute Digital news report, News24 is the most trusted brand out of 15 South African digital publications.

This is not the first time the study finds that News 24 is South Africa’s biggest news website and most trusted source of news. In 2019, the news website was also revealed as the most trusted news brand in South Africa.

The 2020 Reuters Institute report stated that “The website News24 has built credibility on the back of investments in breaking news.”

There is no doubt that News 24 in South Africa dominates the online news space with over 8 million web-browsers per month.

With so much fake news on the internet, readers in South Africa and across the globe are increasingly turning to for the truth and balanced opinion.

The News24 team is led by an incredible editor-in-chief Adriaan Basson, who has years of experience in the industry.

“Trust is our only and most important currency. I am extremely proud of the News24 team for another excellent year of agenda-setting, truthful journalism” – Adriaan Basson said after they were again recognized as the most trusted news website by the Reuters Institute.

Other top 15 most trusted news brands in South Africa include BBC News, eNCA and SABC News. The 2020 Reuters Institute Digital news report found that 90% of South Africans consume their news online. Of those, 52% consume news on desktop, 82% on a smartphone and 17% on a tablet.

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