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Next on Come Dine With Me South Africa: Episode 6 (15 April) – A Night of Pun and Games

ONCE A PUN A TIME a hotel chain manager, a digital marketer, a quirky art teacher and a rugby enthusiast all stepped into an epic culinary battle to see who would walk away with ten thousand bucks.

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If you have some THYME on your hands be sure to watch the pun-a-minute sixth episode of Come Dine With Me South Africa on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120), Monday 15 April at 8PM, to witness four complete strangers from Durban coming together to be wined and dined in each other’s homes.

Repeats are on the following Wednesday at 9PM and Saturday at 7PM on BBC BRIT.

If you want your next dinner party to be an equally PUN night out, then consider keeping a few KOALA-TEA food punnies handy to brighten any conversation:

  • Becoming a vegetarian is a big MISSED STEAK
  • THYME is money
  • I hope you find inner PEAS
  • Pleased to MEAT you
  • This may be BANANAS but I find you APEELING (see what we did there!)
  • PENNE for your thoughts

And if corny jokes are your thing here’s a fun one to throw into the conversation when there is a lull! What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!

COMING UP ON MONDAY 22 APRIL AT 8PM ON BBC BRIT: Episode 7 turns out to be ladies night all week, as Come Dine With Me South Africa heads to Port Elizabeth! Medical rep Dane takes on game lodge manager Tracy, data capturer and self- declared “momster” Chirene and air traffic service officer Jordin, as they all bring their best hosting and cooking skills to the fore. Prepare for tattoos, tequila and ladies turning it up to win the crown of hostess with the moistest (yup you read it correctly, but you’ll have to watch to find out what it all means!).

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