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Next on The Graham Norton Show: Graham welcomes Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Oti Mabuse, Alan Carr and Sam Smith

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Justin Timberlake says he may release some new music soon, Anna Kendrick talks about her embarrassing Gogglebox encounter, Oti Mabuse talks about The Greatest Dancer, Alan Carr reveals why he doesn’t want to be on Strictly, and Sam Smith performs live in the studio.

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On Tuesday 25 February at 8PM on BBC BRIT (DStv channel 120), Graham welcomes singer, actor and producer Justin Timberlake, Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick, Strictly star Oti Mabuse, comic Alan Carr, and singer-songwriter Sam Smith.

Justin, talking about his new film Trolls World Tour, in which he stars with Anna, and trying to explain the premise of the story, says, “We have deduced that every time we try to describe the plot to the Trolls films we sound like we are on some sort of chemical substance!”

Asked about creating and producing the soundtrack for the film, he says, “You’re given parameters to be creative within. It was my mission to create music that is for everyone, not just the kids.”

Anna interjects jokingly, “He was a monster to work with on the music. He’d be behind the glass saying, “Do it again, but better!” Adding more seriously, “I really had fun and I knew I was in good hands. He’s my parachute.”

Revealing he may have new music in the pipeline, Justin says, “I have so much. I’m always in the studio so maybe soon.”

Talking about her love of how the British speak, Anna says, “I like that because there are so many accents for such a small country, everyone puts on voices. I was checking into a hotel once and a man came out and said (she uses a perfectly clipped upper class British accent), ‘Do you need help with your bags?’ and I thought he was putting on the voice so I said (she uses the same voice), ‘We’ve been travelling all day, you’ve no idea.’ But they kept talking like that, so I had to slowly transition out of it. I was back in the country several years later and they were on TV on Gogglebox because it was Steph and Dom. So, they actually talk like that and I was accidentally making fun of them to their face!”

Oti, talking about The Greatest Dancer, and asked what it is like now being a Dance Captain having been on the receiving end of comments for so long, says, “I am the nice person. To critique someone on something they have worked so hard for is very difficult. I never want to be the judge who says, ‘you’re not good enough’ but, I will have to learn because eventually I will have to do it.”

Asked about disappointing really young children on the show, she says, “That is the hardest part. I’m always in bits.”

Talking about Strictly, Alan reveals “They ask me to do it every year, and I say, ‘No’ because it’s too much like hard work.”

Revealing his signature move, he adds, “I used to be able to slutdrop, but I can’t anymore, I’m at that age. I like Oops Upside Your Head because you get to sit down!” Alan demonstrates his moves, before Graham’s audience show off theirs, with Oti judging their dubious talent.

Asked if, following his marriage, he is now living on a farm with his husband, he says, “Paul has a farm, but I love London. I go to see him and I mince around in my wellies, which is enough for me. I don’t like excessive eye contact with animals that are pooing. It’s not me – I like espresso martinis in London. So, he comes to London and I go down there – we have the best of both.”

Sam performs To Die For live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat about his new single and a trip Down Under.

Asked about the 14th February release of his single, Sam says, “I am so happy to bring out a depressing song on Valentine’s Day because I hate this day!”

Talking about an upcoming performance in Sydney’s Mardi Gras, the singer says, “I am so excited. It’s going to be wild. I’m performing at 1am so I’m going to be wasted!”

Justin interjects, “I did Mardi Gras once and I’m told I had a great time!”

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