Nintendo Switch VR Will Support Mario And Zelda

Nintendo Switch VR Will Support Mario And Zelda

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild will be compatible with the new Toy-Con Labo VR arriving on Switch on April 12th.

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For the occasion, the Kyoto house has published a short trailer that you find in the Tweet at the bottom of the news, the support will be limited to precise sessions in the case of Super Mario Odyssey (we talk about three VR missions) while in the case of Zelda the adventure should be entirely playable in Virtual Reality.

Both titles will receive a free VR update on April 25th, Nintendo thus demonstrates that it wants to start experimenting seriously with Virtual Reality, thanks to the viewer achievable using the Toy-Con 4 Nintendo Switch supports VR and this it’s probably just the first step towards a future even richer in content of this type.

According to Know Your Mobile, Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 4 will allow you to immerse yourself in various experiences including VR Viewer, Blaster, Camera, Bird, Elephant and Wind Pedal, with related expansion sets coming in the coming weeks. Certainly interesting is the idea of ​​extending support to the main Switch lineup titles, it is not excluded that in the future other games will enjoy compatibility with the Nintendo VR Viewer Labo.

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