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No Time To Lose Adventure Game Premiered On Insight TV

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No Time To Lose, which premiered last night on Insight TVis a hybrid between Survivor and The Amazing race. The contestants are from different parts of the world. Terence Webb is chosen as the official South African contestant to race against other contestants across South Africa.

During an intense trek across South Africa, 10 social influencers from around the world engage in an adventurous competition to win a Golden Watch. In this survival of the fittest, time is their best friend, but also their worst enemy. As you can imagine, these competitors are in quite a rush.

Terence Webb

The basic idea of this competition is to cross South Africa in the least amount of time. The race is subdivided into 10 stages. All of these stages must be completed within a total time of maximum 48hours. Every stage consists of a team challenge, a team race and an individual game – all battling the clock.

The slowest competitors will be eliminated. The ones with the most of time left at the finish, will compete in a thrilling final challenge, to win NO TIME TO LOSE.

Catch “No Time To Lose” every Sunday at 21:00 CET!

Watch the trailer below:

Meet the contestants:


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