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Jomo’s death: Nomsa discovers Sonto’s secret

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Alexandra Township is reputed for hoards of rats, but secrets, by far, outnumber rodents in Gomora; and Nomsa has just dug up the most explosive of those secrets. It has been 11 months since Mam Sonto smothered Jomo with a pillow while he was in police custody and Nomsa is determined to learn the truth about her son’s death.

Holy Spirit leads Nomsa to Gomora

Nomsa (real name Velephi Mnisi) is not just a grieving mother. She is also a prophetess with the ability to see things from the spiritual realm just by physical contact with things or humans. The Holy Spirit, Nomsa said, led her to Gomora, where her son lived and worked. Against Thathi’s advice, Mam Sonto gave Nomsa a job as a live-in helper in the Molefe home.

Not long after arriving in Gomora, Nomsa using her prophetic powers, began to sense things about Thathi. She also appeared to react to Mazet’s physical presence.

When Mazet finally connected Nomsa and Jomo as mother and son, she ran off, in a panic, to tell Mam Sonto. Desperate to cover up her crime, Mam Sonto with the help of Mazet cooked up false charges of theft so as to fire Nomsa. But Pretty new that Nomsa, a God fearing woman, couldn’t have stolen Mazet’s money. Harassed by Pretty, Mam Sonto was forced to reverse her decision to fire Nomsa.

Nomsa quickly connected with Pretty and Sbonga who have been a pillar of support to the grieving woman. It was Sbonga and Pretty who accompanied Nomsa to the police station to make enquiries into the circumstances surrounding Jomo’s death. The cops were not much help. Sbonga came up with another idea; quizzing the staff at the hospital where Jomo died under police watch. But a doctor who was paid off by Mam Sonto stuck to the food poisoning story.

Angel in a blue dress

A nurse overheard the doctor – bought and paid for by Mam Sonto – telling Nomsa the false cause of death. She surreptitiously called Nomsa aside. Once they were alone, the nurse told Nomsa that the doctor had fed her lies. As the nurse feared for the safety of her job, the two women arranged a rendezvous outside the hospital. As instructed by the nurse, Nomsa kept this information to herself.

At their secret meeting, the nurse told Nomsa Jomo’s true cause of death; asphyxiation. She also told her that an unnamed female crime boss was behind Jomo’s death. She then produced Jomo’s belongings, sealed in a bag.

Nomsa learns Sonto’s dark secret

There was a function at Gomora Secondary and the Molefe household attended. Alone at the Molefe home, Nomsa opened the bag containing Jomo’s few items. Among them, she found a handwritten letter, penned by Jomo’s jail cellmate because everyone knows Nomsa was too busy telling prophecies to send her son to school. The note was Jomo’s insurance policy since he had sensed that Sonto would try to silence him. From the letter, Nomsa learned that Ntokozo killed Mbongeni, the woman who headed the gang was Mam Sonto, assisted by Mazet. Nomsa broke down and cried.

Thathi’s secret leaks

That which has horns cannot be wrapped – a proverb which crosses many African borders. Eventually lies come out.

It is not only Mam Sonto who has secrets to hide. For 17 years, only Pretty and Thathi have known the truth about Langa’s paternity. But an African proverb, said in more than one tongue, warns about wrapping a horned secret. Eventually the horns will poke through the veil.

Langa and Melusi were briefly hospitalised after the vehicle in which they were travelling collided with a truck. At the hospital, Pretty and Thathi were speaking about the horned secret of Langa’s paternity when Gladys happened to stick her nose through the ward door. Unseen but thoroughly shocked, Gladys backed away from the door.

But Gladys eventually confronted Thathi about the secret, after trying hard to keep it to herself. Funny how a secret that has been safe in Thathi’s chest for so long suddenly spreads like a wildfire. Gladys, aching internally from trying to contain such a prickly secret, confided in Zodwa.

After the confrontation, Gladys and Thathi agreed to keep the secret from Melusi. Thathi’s motive is fear of Langa hating her and Gladys has her own fears too; if Melusi finds out he has a child with Thathi, this might revive their childhood romance.

Gomora high holds a tech expo

Even though Thathi is doing her best to hide Langa’s paternity, the shared DNA between Langa and Melusi is evident. Both of them are annoyingly passionate about education and helping other people. After Thathi sabotaged the meeting between Langa and the MEC for education, Langa came up with another idea which filled Melusi with paternal pride; a tech expo for innovators held at Gomora Secondary.

As Langa unveiled uMelusi – the translation app which he named after Principal Dlamini – at the tech expo, Gladys and Thathi argued over the secret of Langa’s biological father. And the horned secret once again broke through the veil. Ntokozo, whose own secret is now out, walked in on his mother and Thathi speaking of Langa, Melusi’s child. Since it is secret outing season, Ntokozo wasn’t able to sneak away, unseen. His phone rang and Gladys and Thathi caught him, listening, staring, as people do when a secret with sharp horns breaks free from the covers.

Gomora is about to get messy.

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