Nomuzi Mabena Says She Wants To Be Brenda Fassie

According to DRUM, TV presenter and rapper Nomuzi Mabena aka Moozlie, spoke to Jeannie D about her love of Brenda Fassie on SABC3’s Afternoon Express show.

When she feels intimidated by the industry or the doubts her place in the hip hop scene, she asks “what would Brenda do” and a solution would present itself, she shared.

“Coming into the hip-hop scene it was still very fresh for females to be that confident and I was rolling around with the squad of the coolest and biggest rappers and sometimes it would get so intimidating and I‘d just be like ‘I don’t think I have a place here’. And then I would just be like, ‘what would Brenda Fassie do’?” she explained.

The late music legend was her inspiration, she shared.

“Yes I want to be Brenda Fassie, why can I not aspire to that level of greatness? She was a female artist who was so iconic and she really didn’t care about what people had to say.” she said
She also loved Brenda’s one of a kind swag and style and hoped to be as iconic as the singer one day, she told the show.

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