Harriet Khoza attack shocks Kagiso

Ntando Duma killed off as Harriet Khoza avenges Kea [The Queen]

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It has been a year since Harriet Khoza lost her only daughter, Keabetswe, in a bomb blast which was meant for her. Ironically, Kea lost her life at a funeral; the burial of Jerry Maake, who himself died saving Harriet Khoza from a shower of bullets fired from a flying helicopter. With the mound of earth still unsettled on Kea’s grave, Harriet Khoza has begun her revenge mission.

Schumacher spills the beans

Harriet sensed there was more to Vuyiswa arresting her husband Hector Sebata. So she asked Brutus to question Schumacher about it, since he has ties to the Sebatas. When Brutus quizzed Schumacher, he noticed that the Khoza Trucking’s long serving driver was hiding something.  Brutus and Shaka abducted Schumacher and put him through electro-torture and a severe beating. Under torture, Schumacher threw up his last meal along with the truth. Schumacher told Harriet everything, well almost everything. He threw up the truth about Thato finding out that Hector killed Jerry Maake and Thato himself died so that Hector could protect his secret. He told her about the recorded confession which he gave to Vuyiswa to use in her case against Hector and how he later retracted it after Hector had him arrested for stealing Mpho’s money. Harriet Khoza is a smart woman, she soon connected the dots. Hector never meant to kill Jerry; she was the target. Schumacher also told Harriet about Anna, Jaros’s baby mama. But Schumacher did not tell Harriet about including her name in the statement he gave to Vuyiswa. Harriet Khoza does not forgive treachery and Schumacher had betrayed her by keeping all this information to himself. But Harriet let him live only because she needed him to find Anna.

Harriet Khoza serves hot revenge

They say revenge is best served cold….

Anna was preparing to disappear when Schumacher found her. He immediately phoned Harriet Khoza. She  dropped everything and sped off to Anna’s shack. Harriet burst into the shack with pistol in hand. But Anna wasn’t intimidated. She wouldn’t answer any of Harriet’s questions. So to get her attention, Harriet shot her in the leg. The truth began to bleed from her. She corroborated Schumacher’s story. Harriet Khoza doesn’t tolerate deceit, even by omission. “Why didn’t you come to me and tell me the truth about my daughter?” she said to Anna.

Anna’s saw an opportunity when Harriet was distracted by her ringing phone. She pounced on Harriet but was overpowered. During the scuffle, a lit candle on a table tipped over, causing a rapidly growing fire. Harriet ran out and bolted the door from the outside leaving the screaming Anna to burn alive. They say revenge is best served cold. Harriet Khoza served it hot.

Vuyiswa burns her past

After getting back together with Hector, Vuyiswa wanted to put behind her all ties to Jerry and Thato. She put the Corner House up for sale and gave her house to Patronella and Mjekejeke. An assignment at Interpol took her away which possibly means the current Vuyiswa – Thembisa Mdoda – is giving way to the old Vuyiswa – Zandile Msutwana – who has resumed work after an injury that occurred on set.

But before Vuyiswa left for her Interpol job, Siyanda, the girl who first arrived as a waitress at The Corner House a season ago with just a bag and no place to sleep, put in an offer to purchase the establishment. With what money will you buy the Corner House, asked Vuyiswa. Siyanda applied for a government loan under a scheme provided for the advancement of female entrepreneurs. She got the loan! Siyanda is the new owner of the Corner House.

Harriet Khoza chooses forgiveness

After Anna corroborated Schumacher’s story, Harriet Khoza wanted revenge. She picked up Kea’s framed picture and vowed to avenge her death. Using their shady connections, Brutus and Shaka acquired enough guns to start Word War Z without the help of Brad Pitt or Fana Mokoena. They were ready to spill blood. But Harriet stunned them when she called off the planned assault on the Sebatas. It was time to reflect on the loss of Kea she said and killing Hector would not bring her back. Shaka backed down but Brutus wouldn’t hear it. Harriet had to order the Khoza mansion guards to detain Brutus. If he was to leave the house, an armed guard would follow him everywhere. It is for your own protection from your actions, Harriet explained. Brutus finally, reluctantly, begrudgingly accepted Harriet’s decision. Meanwhile, Harriet’s niece, Olerato continues to try and insert herself into the Khoza family’s dangerous business, despite Rakgadi’s stern advice.

Celebrating Kea’s life

Harriet called for a party at the idyllic Maghaliesberg which was Kea’s favourite vacation spot. She said she would invite Kagiso, Goodness and Mvelo. I really thought this was just television nonsense, like when Brutus has a fake conversation with Shibase. But at the resort in Maghalies, Kagiso, Goodness and Mvelo arrived! Fans of The Queen went wild on social media proving Sigaqagaqa’s popularity in Television Land.

Meanwhile, back in Joburg, Thando had arranged an all white bash for her father’s 50th birthday. All the guests, dressed in the white of angels, danced and celebrated the Devil’s birthday. Hector Sebata turned half a century, which is a pretty long time to live when you think about it. Back to Maghaliesberg.

Harriet ordered her family into formal wear for a meal in remembrance of Keabetswe. Brutus, Kagiso and Shaka looked dapper in their white shirts, black ties and tuxedoes. Olerato, Harriet and Goodness looked equally ravishing in their long gowns. The family had a whole dining room to themselves. Harriet Khoza, the master of ceremony, picked up the remote control and pressed the on button. On a television screen, pictures of Keabetswe began to scroll. Everyone smiled as they recalled her. And then, without even the slightest warning, Kea’s face changed to a drone image of Hector’s house. Brutus was the first to recognize it.

“Umuzi kaSabata!” he said.

The camera zoomed in on the tiny, ant-like people dressed in white and dancing. Harriet picked up her phone and dialled. She spoke two words.

“It’s time.”

And Hector’s all white birthday party turned red. Armed men instantly materialised from hiding places and fired their rifles indiscriminately. Bullets, running feet, broken champagne glasses flew everywhere. Mpho, who is always the last to know what’s going on around her, clutched her abdomen as she fell. Back in Maghaliesberg, Kagiso, Olerato and Goodness wore looks of horror. Shaka and Brutus melted in evident admiration for Harriet Khoza’s planning genius. Harriet herself looked thoroughly satisfied.

Ntando Duma who plays Mpho Sebata has always been the target of critical fans of The Queen. With Duma trending on social media for her public spat over a disability parking bay (which she had been unwise enough to film), fans of The Queen once again launched an attack on the actress. As Mpho lay bleeding, many fans celebrated her inevitable removal from the soapie.

Blunders and plot holes

I have pointed out, in previous articles, the disconnect between the current story and the original plot. The change in writers continues to blow gaping plot holes into The Queen. Vuyiswa sold The Corner House to Siyanda. But anyone who has been following the story will remember that this establishment belongs to Boi Maake, Jerry’s sister, played by Mara Louw, an actress who left the show under unclear circumstances. Mara Louw’s contract situation is one thing but Boi’s story is another and the producers of The Queen have suddenly decided to photoshop her from our memories. It doesn’t matter that Mara Louw had a falling out with her employers, Ferguson Films; Boi Maake still owns The Corner Hourse. Vuyiswa has put Patronella and Mjekejeke into Jerry’s house without even speaking to Amogelang who surely has rights to her father’s earthly possessions. Did they really expect the viewers to have selective amnesia over Amogelang?

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