Ntokozo stands up to Melusi

Ntokozo fights his demons [Gomora]

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Rewind Mzansi, if you will, rewind all the way back to March 2020 when we first met Ntokozo, a sweet looking boy seated in the back seat of his father’s car. In the front sat Teddy, the boy rescued by Gladys and Melusi from an irresponsible, alcoholic mother.


That picture right there – Teddy and Melusi in the front seat – is the seed that grew into the tree which now casts a dark shadow over Ntokozo. Teddy in the front and Ntokozo sidelined, literally pushed right to the back where nobody cares. Being an A student, a popular kid in school, his parents must have assumed he was low maintenance and can take care of himself, like a hardy free ranging chicken that feeds itself and fights off predators. Teddy, the neglected child of  a drunkard, they treated with caution, the way you pamper a broiler chicken. And now, as they say, the chickens have come home to roost.

Love or money

After Mike found out about Mam Sonto’s crime business, there was tension between the couple. Sonto’s family were preparing for the wedding while, behind the scene, the bride and groom quarrelled; Mike could not come to terms with Sonto’s career of stealing cars. Finally, Mike packed his bag and walked, leaving behind a distraught Sonto. To be honest, nobody will miss him because, how do I say this. Mike, whose real name is Silas Monyatsi, can’t act to save his life. Either he has friends in the Gomora casting department or enemies on the production team whose nude photos he possesses. Whatever the case may be, there is just no reason why they have him on the cast of what has been, until he came along, a brilliant show.

The only good thing that came out of this, the one thing that Mike achieved might be Sonto rethinking her career. After Mike left, Sonto knelt with shawl over her shoulders, Bible and rosary in her hands, praying for God’s forgiveness. In her mind, she replayed all the killings for which she is culpable: Mbongeni, Jomo, Stewart the lawyer, Mohato and Detective Mahlasela. Could it be that Mam Sonto is ready to leave her crime business, all for love?

Ntokozo reaches breaking point

In the last few weeks, as the Dlamini family focused on Teddy’s molestation by Miss Manzi, Ntokozo – real name Ntobeko Sishi – has repeatedly attempted to be seen, to be heard, to be given a moment’s attention by his parents. But Melusi and Gladys couldn’t see him even if he wore a shiny reflector jacket and blinked his helmet torch.

Fed up, Ntokozo ran away and moved in with his old flame, Mazet. It’s ironic that Ntokozo would run to the very cause of his problems. Do you remember that it was Mazet who invited Ntokozo for a drive, a joy ride which ended up in Mbongeni dying and Ntokozo with a smoking gun in his hand? It was also Mazet who helped Sonto kill Mahlasela right before Ntokozo. Mazet, the provider of a warm bed is also the root of every problem that Ntokozo has.

Melusi and Gladys looked everywhere for him, Teddy tried calling but Ntokozo, wishing to be left alone, directed all his calls to voicemail.

By some stroke of luck, Melusi found out that Ntokozo has hooked up with former Gomora Secondary bad girl, Mazet. Everyone knows Mazet, she is hard to miss, blonde hair, killer curves and gang related. The shisa nyama owner – real name Thulani Mtsweni, who has the rare distinction of playing two characters during prime time on Mzansi Magic –  led Melusi right to Mazet. In case you somehow haven’t noticed, the furry faced snitch of a shisa nyama owner also plays Mpiyakhe Zungu’s oddball brother, Mpihlangene on the Bomb Shelter production, Isibaya.

Melusi and Gladys found Ntokozo at Mazet’s and took him away. But on the way home, Ntokozo jumped out the car and ran like Caster was close to catching him. Dad, Melusi, who has obviously eaten too many of Glady’s breakfast sausages attempted to give chase but gave up after just very slow two paces!

Miss Manzi behind bars

After Teddy filed a police report for rape, Miss Manzi was arrested and put in a place where she herself might experience the other side of molestation. Hopefully Tyson from Lockdown can do God’s work for us in that regard. Manzi’s lawyer came to visit her. Surprise surprise, he has dropped her because she is now jobless and therefore can no longer afford to pay his legal fees. Remember Thathi suffered the same fate with top lawyer, Sandra Stein when she could no longer afford to pay legal fees. These lawyers love money.

Ntokozo fights his demons

Ntokozo did not stay long at the Dlamini house after they forcibly took him back home. He ran back to Mazet. Melusi went to get him, with police assistance. Isn’t it amazing, the difference between how Melusi deals with Teddy’s issues and Ntokozo’s problems. For one child he uses hugs and for the other, he uses police assistance and a knobkerrie.

Certain that Ntokozo would escape for a third time, Melusi and Gladys changed all the locks and held their son prisoner, like he was Moses Sithole. But Ntokozo found the keys and hid them, presumably for future use. When Gladys realised her keys had gone missing she sought Melusi’s assistance.

Melusi ransacked Ntokozo’s bedroom but found no keys. He then tried to search Ntokozo’s pockets. And found himself body slammed by his own son. Yoh! Some serious WWE moves by Ntokozo. The underground team are not going to be happy with you boy!

Ntokozo — victim or problem child?

Social media is divided on Ntokozo. Is he the victim of absent, toxic parents or he deserves what he is going through?

Ntokozo willingly participated in crime. He is no saint. But he is unable to tell anyone about the killings— Mbongeni, Mohato, Mahlasela — because he has seen firsthand what Sonto is capable of.

Gladys is so focused on saving Gomora that she can’t see her own son needs rescuing. Melusi is so keen on making Gomora the best school in the land that he neglects his home. Honestly, the entire Dlamini clan is just wrong, wrong, wrong! All of them deserve a red card. Someone needs to hit them with the truth at the next family meeting

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