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Olerato finds love [The Queen Mzansi]

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Olerato, the daughter of Harriet Khoza’s brother, Kgosi (real name Sello Maake kaNcube) is the sweet young girl who provides balance in a family of drug dealers, killers and binge drinkers. Ever since she joined The Queen, unemployed Olerato (real name Lorraine Moropa) has occupied her many idle hours with dressing up in high heels to go nowhere, redecorating the Khoza mansion, arranging parties and matchmaking. With Olerato constantly trying to play Cupid for other couples, fans of The Queen have suggested that Ntombenhle should find herself a boyfriend and stay out of ndaba zabantu. The scriptwriters heard the fans and finally they delivered.

The Queen loses her throne

Harriet Khoza lost control of the family business to the power hungry Brutus. This came about after Brutus walked in on Harriet and Hector Sebata (real name Rapulana Seiphemo) who were cuddling in, of all places, the Khoza living room. Harriet, who knew that her sons would disown her if ever they found out she was literally sleeping with the enemy, soon became the victim of Brutus’ daily insults and blackmail. Empowered by Harriet’s dirty secret, Brutus declared himself the new boss of Khoza Trucking. Apart from losing her CEO position, Harriet had to sit through Brutus’ booze-soaked parties. He brought several hired female companions home and introduced Phumeza (real name Kwanele Mthethwa) as “the new lady of the house.”

Phumeza was rude to Harriet and even raided her wardrobe for clothes. When Harriet came home to find her dress stretched around Phumeza’s ample hips, she knew that she could no longer continue to bite her tongue, even if Brutus knew her secret. Harriet pulled out her gun on the mouthy Phumeza who suddenly went mum. The young Phumeza should have considered herself warned but what do ama2000s know.


Brutus gets arrested

While Phumeza was running riot at the Khoza mansion, her boyfriend Brutus was on a mission to make his mark at Khoza Trucking. Without so much as a day’s notice, Brutus fired several employees, including long time company driver, Lumkho “Schumacher” Toto.

After attempting to plead for his job back, Schumacher was shown out the door by the crazy, gun toting new CEO. But despite the threat of bullets, Schumacher did not give up. He went to the Khoza mansion, hoping to appeal to the more sensible Harriet. Unfortunately Harriet was out somewhere but Brutus was home. Harriet was chilling with Noma at her eponymous restaurant when a phone call came through – trouble at home. Harriet and Noma rushed to the Khoza mansion to find Brutus with gun in hand and Schumacher and Mjekejeke (who had been foolish enough to ride shotgun with Schumie) on their knees begging for mercy. At the same time, Vuyiswa who loves nothing but chasing Khozas, arrived on the scene, having abandoned her husband’s attempt at a foot massage. Vuyiswa arrived , with pistol drawn, just as Brutus fired a bullet in Schumacher’s direction. After Harriet stepped between Brutus and the armed police, Brutus put down his weapon and allowed himself to be led away in handcuffs.

Harriet retakes her throne


While Brutus was guest at the SAPS, Harriet’s old accountant (also fired by Brutus) reported a R5,000,000 accounting discrepancy to his former employer. Brutus’ new finance guy had drained money out of the Khoza company bank account into his own. When Harriet returned home she found the previously warned Phumeza in her bedroom doing some KZN style looting in Mathapelo’s closet. Harriet politely enquired, “what the hell are you doing in my room?” to which Phumeza responded with rudeness. Harriet opened her handbag and then came the flash of a silver gun barrel. This time Phumeza was not as shocked as the first altercation. She even told Harriet to “put that thing away.” Harriet did not bother with warning shots. She fired once, killing her instantly.


When Brutus came out of prison – thanks to Harriet and Schumacher’s refusal to cooperate with the police – he found Harriet fully back in charge of the family and the business. Having almost cost the family millions and putting himself at risk of a financial malpractice charge, Brutus no longer had any leverage. As insurance, Harriet told Brutus she had shot and killed Phumeza using his gun. The body had been buried at a secret location, if Brutus were to cause trouble, Harriet would deliver the corpse and murder weapon to the cops whose ballistics tests would implicate Bhovungane as the killer.

Brutus, back in his position as Harriet’s junior, dragged his thieving finance manager to a quiet spot. Shaka, who has been absent from The Queen, returned just for the fun and games that Brutus had planned. Brutus and Shaka made the finance mismanager write a suicide note before a bullet to the skull sent him to the afterlife. Shaka shoved the handwritten note in his pocket and placed the murder weapon in his hand to stage a suicide.

Even though Harriet had Brutus right where she wanted him, she gave up the location of Phumeza’s body, as an olive branch.

Mjekejeke gets lucky

If you Googled the word “henpecked” you might find a photograph of Mjekejeke. Last week, we learned that Sis Pat keeps her husband’s bank card, she approves every cent he spends. Mjekejeke asked his wife for a few rands so that he could thath’ amaChance at the lotto but she dismissed his request. Mjakes had to steal his own bank card just to get money for lotto tickets. After Mjekejeke had stolen his own money – udlisiwe, shame! – he bought a few tickets following Akhona’s advice on lucky numbers. Did I mention Akhona (real name Khanya Mkangisa) is back on The Queen. With Siyanda away on a business training seminar, Akhona is running the Corner House. When the lotto results were announced, Mjakes was disappointed to learn that he hadn’t won.

Later that night, Mjekejeke arrived home long after Pat had gone to bed – perhaps he was escaping her constant nagging. Seated alone at the TV, Mjekejeke went through his pockets. He found one residual lotto ticket. He checked the numbers. He punched the air with both fists. He had won!

Mjekejeke went on spending spree. He bought groceries and a blingy wristwatch for Sis Pat. He kept his lotto winnings a secret. Most men who win the lottery will soon find a side chick. But not Mjakes. He opened a secret side account at the bank so that he could enjoy his winnings without his controlling wife getting involved. Next Mjekejeke bought a car, which at a glance looks like one of those 1980s malume Toyota Cressidas!

Patronella who only loves her husband when she thinks he has found another woman, became suspicious about Mjekejeke’s happy mood. She pressed Akhona until she told her that Mjakes had won the lotto. Mjekejeke’s financial freedom was gone.

Olerato finds love


Olerato got onto a dating app which matched her to some random guy. They arranged to meet at Noma’s – because telenovelas only have one restaurant! At Noma’s, Olerato found herself all dressed up with no man. She had been stood up. Her day was about to get worse. Some thug – Stone (real name Lucky Motlhobi), remember him from Schumacher’s SMS raffle scam – had illegally acquired a gun and decided he would rob a place in the suburbs where everyone has a diamond ring and an iPhone. Khumo (real name Molemo Tlali) who has been as invisible as fresh air, happened to be outside the restaurant when Stone was robbing the place. After trying Vuyiswa’s phone to get help, Khumo got no reply. He knew that it was up to him to save all the diners at Noma’s. Inside, Olerato made a move for the robber’s pistol, and failed. This only made the robber angry. He pointed his gun at her. Just then, Khumo crept up behind him. He picked up a beer bottle. And smashed it across the robber’s head. Thank God for sugar glass! Stone was arrested and Khumo became a hero. He also got Olerato’s tens, because that’s how women reward a hero, they give him their phone number.

Olerato goes on a date

After spending time together, Olerato invited Khumo to dinner, Harriet’s suggestion. Khumo was his usual gentlemanly self. The young man charmed Harriet and Brutus. At the end of the evening, Olerato walked Khumo out to the driveway. He took his chance, he pulled Olerato into his chest. He kissed her. Finally Olerato can focus on her own love life.

Where is Shaka?

The Queen has once again been ruined by absent actors. This time, Sthembiso Khoza, who plays Shaka left viewers hanging. Apart from the Olerato storyline, I got the distinct feeling that The Queen was one improv scene after another. Perhaps SK Khoza is dealing with matters off-screen, but the fans have once again been served a hurriedly put together show.

I also have trouble believing that Olerato and Khumo shared a traumatic experience, exchanged phone numbers, had dinner with uncle and aunt, kissed, went on further dates but they still don’t know each other’s surnames? Furthermore, Noma personally hired Khumo who she considers her top employee but she still remains in the dark about his close ties to Hector Sebata.

Till next week, my pen is capped

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