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Our Girl S4 Comes to BBC Brit

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Fans are in for their final dose of action from Michelle Keegan as Georgie in the latest season of hit drama Our Girl, which promises a storyline filled with much more drama and tear jerking moments.  This suspense-filled military drama sees her take charge in a role she describes as the most challenging one yet. For many who don’t know, the series is shot in South Africa’s Franschoek hills and vineyards.

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We caught up with her and asked her a few questions about the series, her training and her new favourite spots in the Western Cape.

Tell us about the new series and what fans can expect?

I’m really excited that it’s coming back. The audience response has been so positive for the last few seasons and I think Georgie is a character who resonates with viewers. I have absolutely loved playing the role. Fans can be prepared for another incredible series, tears, laugher and action of course as Georgie’s still got unfinished business.

How did you prepare for the role of Georgie?
I attended a boot camp, which was not only about the physical training but also about medic knowledge.  It was interesting to learn so much about the military, the ranking, the jargon and small intricacies like how to stand at command or how to hold a syringe or a weapon.

What is it like working with a mostly male cast?
After working for such a long time with the guys on set, it becomes the norm, you just become one of the lads. Also, preparing for this role took us to a
newer level of understanding as you get to see that there is more to being part of the army than just a gender.

Outside of filming, do you spend any time together as a cast and what do you like to do?

The hours we spend filming and away from home it’s important that we destress and spend time doing other things. Like going out for drinks in the evenings while here in this beautiful city (Western Cape) and just watching series together. Weirdly enough, even outside of our physically demanding days on set we still like to gym and train, so we do that most mornings.

What are some of the most memorable moments on set?

We have a lot of fun together and the guys often play pranks on set when we aren’t being too
serious filming.  The last one I can think of, someone threw ice- cold freezing water down my back during filming, while I was unaware and in uniform – I won’t lie though this helped me though as it was a  hot day. And on other days someone will sneak up on someone else taking a nap in the trailer and speak to them using the megaphone, which is terrifying.’

Tell us about the kit you wear, is it heavy?

Yes! It’s an actual kit worn in the military by soldiers which weigh a few tons. The only thing that’s different for me is that the costume designer had to become a bit more creative as my head is a bit petite so my hat is actually a bicycle helmet. And we do take off the kit in-between takes. 

While filming was there ever a moment that the explosions or gun shots went off by accident?
No, thank God! The team are so safe and cautious.

Because of the gruelling amount of physical activity you do, how does your body debrief after a
day on set? 

I know it sounds a bit weird but I do go to the gym just to get all the adrenaline out of my system.

Don’t forget to watch Michelle Keegan on Our Girl Season 4 on BBC BRIT, DSTV Channel 120 From Thursday 10th September at 8pm on (6 episodes) and on DSTV Catch Up

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