Pictures of Minnie Dlamini White wedding

Pictures of Minnie Dlamini Jones and husband Quinton Jones’ white wedding

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Pictures of Minnie Dlamini and her husband Quinton Jones’ white wedding. The couple has enjoyed the journey of documenting their fairytale wedding. The three-part documentary of Becoming Mrs Jones aired on Vuzu Amp last night. There won’t be no more documentaries for Minnie and her husband Jones.

At first when Minnie told Quinton about the documentary‚ he wasn’t keen at first.

“He was entirely against it but in the end understood why it was important to me. In the end I really wanted to control how our story is told and avoid the circus‚” she said.

However, Quinton has made it clear that there will be no cameras after this.

“He made it clear that we’re not doing this again‚” she said.

See the pictures of Minnie Dlamini Jones on her big day below:

Minnie and her husband Mr Jones

Minnie ring

Minnie and her husband

family photo minnie



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